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Epic Motorcycle Rides in Europe

Epic Motorcycle Rides in Europe that You Should Not Miss

If God hands a man an opportunity to make a wish for himself, roughly, 90 out of 100 men would ask for their dream motorcycle. I, personally would ask for a Harley Davidson Fat Boy. Well, we live in a world of reality where between the letters B and D for Birth and Death, there exists a C which motivates a person to Create a life of his own. So, it is better to Create an opportunity rather than Craving for it. All of these “make your world better” quotes aside, I have an important PSA for all those Bikers around the world. “Speed Thrills, But Kills”. Ok, enough joking around, let me just cut the chase, as I have your attention now.

A good bike alone won’t give a person a “dream” ride. A beautiful yet challenging terrain is essential to enjoy the ride. It is not necessary for you to find such roads at ease since, most of such marvellous terrains are often hidden in the shadow and it’s our part, to look back and recognize them. Instead of going through a ton of websites for sorting a plan out, I strongly believe that this article would make it easier for you to plan a “dream” ride. Pack your motorcycle accessories, Fill your tank and get ready to refill them on your way back home.


  • Marbella-Ronda, Spain

Starting the list off with this scary connecting road from Marbella to Ronda, a dream ride doesn’t get any better than this. You get to cruise with your motorcycle in this scary yet beautiful Spanish terrain and on your way towards your destination, you get to enjoy the breathtaking scenery as well. So it’s a win-win situation for you. If you are capable of keeping your bike at a steady 110 mph or 70 mph(just in case you follow a separate metric system), it will take you 30 to 40 minutes to complete your ride. While taking the ride, make sure that you put on all the motorcycle accessories such as helmets, biker gloves etc. I bet you would regret scaling this ride.

  • Cat and Fiddle Road, England

Don’t get fooled by the name of the road, the road is neither safe like a baby feline’s paw nor does it sound heavenly like a violin. Cat and Fiddle road, is beautiful? Yes, but is it safe to go 100 miles an hour? Noo. However, the love for the road matches the popular choice of getting a cat, but recently, a lot of speed restrictions were put forward by the government to reduce the risks of accidents. If you drive safe and wise, you will be fine. But if you try to be over smart, you can get into trouble. Given the huge risk factors, it is important to carry all the relevant motorcycle accessories towards the end of the trip.

  • Sally’s Gap, Ireland

Ireland is one of my favourite places on earth. Not only the delicious Irish Stew is my favourite delicacy but also because of the overall atmosphere and environment. Sally’s gap is only a small part of beautiful Ireland, yet this small place is enough to occupy a huge part of a person’s heart. I would suggest you take a cruiser with you so that you could manage to get some classic snaps of matchy vintage things. If you are afraid of heights, I suggest you reconsider your plan, as the place itself is 500 m or roughly 2000 feet high. Make sure to wear helmet and gloves as motorcycle accessories are very much essential on this trip.

  • Bergen-Geiranger, Norway

It is hard to not to come to a marvellous location in a beautiful place such as Norway. Norway is mostly surrounded by forests and thus giving a lot of room for all motorcycle enthusiasts to travel. You might as well find it hard to leave the place due to the eccentric view it offers throughout your journey. Obviously, you really need to pack your motorcycle accessories so that you can stay safe and peaceful until the end. I doubt you can purchase the accessories there, so, it’s better to carry it.

  •  Vlore-Sarande, Albania

I still remember selecting Pacific Valley as the route for Road Rash whilst I was an angry and determined kid trying to finish Road Rash without using a single cheat code(Remember, we live in a world of reality!). The reason being the beautiful scenery that the road offers. Vlore to Sarande connecting road is somewhat similar to it. This long coastal strip is a tourist attraction and people often choose this specific route for sorting out a road trip. The trip is packed with breathtaking sceneries including the spectacular mountaintop view and the beautiful ocean surrounding you on your way. That being said, this is a trip that no one should miss.

If you haven’t been in any of the aforementioned places, I suggest you draft a plan ASAP. This might exceed the expectations of your “dream” ride. I am about to find more of such rides and draft a plan myself connecting all the places at one go. I can’t wait till I get my plan ready for this mega journey which possibly could be my dream ride.

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