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Lazy Saturday Brunch at Bushman’s, Anantara The Palm

Bushman’s Lazy Lunch is an example of a perfect Aussie Brunch, a symphony of everything which makes Australian food so more desirable. Buzzing Saturday lunch, Live Musician, Unlimited Food options and most importantly the chilled out atmosphere which makes this place highly attractive.

Loaded with meat, seafood, and pies, this would be an ideal way to start the day with great appetizers, and for the less adventurous there are wholesome salads for you as well. If you find yourself often queuing to get the tangy Beef Tartare, I won’t blame you as the juicy meat is pretty tempting. Don’t miss out on the Chicken Wings and Calamari as you will regret not having the best thing out here.

Besides these, you can choose one main dish as well which is served right at your table with a side of Sweet Potatoes and Sautéed Vegetables. My obvious pick was the Spit-Fired Chicken, and I am glad I choose it as the crisp skin and the tender some meat made a nice combo. If you fancy some more meat try the Rib Eye as the moist, intense texture will surely make you love this perfectly cooked dish.

Regardless of the amount of food I have consumed today I still cannot miss the Desserts section especially if they have a Chocolate Fountain which makes it, even more, better. Apart from these, there is a range of Cakes, Pastries, and Mousse which makes this Brunch worth trying.

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