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La Petite Maison – Exclusivity in every bite

La Petite Maison is another popular restaurant in the famous DIFC where food is created with passion, love and a lot a simplicity but yet it is hard to master the art of perfection especially with Niçoise cuisine but when it comes to LPM you shouldn’t doubt their capabilities of creating the finest food. Here you will find the best of the people merely enjoying their food over long conversations and giggles. I was here celebrating my 4th wedding anniversary over some fine Niçoise dishes and drinks.

It did take a while to get a booking especially on a Thursday night when it is swamped with people all heading proudly here. After a great wait we finally made our way to the table and decided on some of their best selling appetizers which are Burrata et Tomatoes, Potatoe Gratin and Calamars Frits. The Burrata being of supreme quality is the best I have had and the Calamari being light and crisp made each bite applause worthy. Whereas the Potatoe Gratin was creamy and tender, might take you on a guilt trip later for finishing this lovely dish but don’t miss out on it.

I still feel I did injustice to myself by not coming here earlier but better late then never. Soon after our starters we eagerly awaited our mains which was Roasted Baby Chicken in Lemon and Morels Pasta. My Pasta had aromatic fragance and being supremely outstanding in flavour I fell in love with this dish, The Roasted Chicken too had a well done skin coated with prime herbs which made this dish another favorite of mine.

Even after being extremely full I don’t think my visit to LPM would have been completed if I didn’t try their Cheesecake which I have heard is a heart winner and without a doubt it was. Being light, fluffy and that crunch base with the berry purée just added the extra sterling which makes your every visit to this restaurant top notch.

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