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Make your Friday Brunch worth it, Carnival By Tresind

Carnival By Tresind doesn’t stop surprising its guests when it comes down to food, and this time again they have managed to make us fall in love with this place with the launch of their highly anticipated  Friday brunch. Trying to keep up with the brunch norm of the city, Here at we were the very first few to sample some of their signature and impressive brunch dishes.

Be prepared to be dazzled by their mandatory bubble bath entry as you get ready for an afternoon filled with passionate chefs trying creative ways to impress you with the best. The menu has a variation for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians, the afternoon feast begins with a selection of bread which is accompanied with some tantalising dips and chutneys.

I hope you have a big appetite as the never ending list of appetisers do leave you feeling full. Don’t miss out on their unique version of Waffle Dosa’s, Vada Pav, and the sizzling ‘Wild Prawns‘.

Before you move to the main course, you would be delighted by their palate cleanser, Strawberry Murabba‘. I know there is a lot of food and everything being appealing and Insta worthy, you might wonder is it really delicious when it comes down to textures and flavours? Yes, it surely it!.

Moving onto the main course, either choose from their range of Biryani’s, Chicken Korma, some Dum Aloo or Saag which is accompanied by some hot naans or the Garlic ones which make for a good accompaniment.

To sum all of this outstanding dishes, there is one last highlight from the brunch which is the deconstructed dessert, made on your table it is quite a beautiful demonstration of what goes into making a rich, sinful dessert. Glorified by all the food today I do think I need to head right to the gym but for a fact I do know, I had exceptional Friday brunch here at Carnival By Tresind .

Friday Brunch price starts at 190dhs (not inclusive of taxes) for more details head to Carnival By Tresind

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