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Chef Parvinder Bali shares his love for Rich Indian Cuisine at Ananta, Oberoi

Indian food is my weakness, and whenever I get an opportunity to try new restaurants or sample the dishes from esteemed or passionate chefs, I try not to miss the chance. This week Ananta restaurant in Oberoi had called a genius Chef Parvinder Bali all the way from Punjab so we could get a taste of his beautiful dishes, here in Dubai.

After a few delicious appetisers, the Chef held a masterclass where he shared little tips and secrets which helped us perfect our cooking skills. Anyone who has the love and desire for cooking would easily relate to Chef Parvinder Bali. Later in the evening, we got to savour some of his delightful dishes like Chicken Butter Masala, Gosht Dum Biryani and the comforting Kadhai Jhinga. The flavours and texture of each dish had it’s own rich, intense composition which makes the overall experience here wondrous.

Finally ended the night with a few Punjabi sweets, like Badam Ka Halwa, Pista Kulfi and Kesari Phirni. Most of us wished we could have another few rounds just of the Desserts. Marvellous job to this commendable Chef Parvinder Bali who not only hosted us but also gave us the insights into cooking such beautiful dishes.

Chef Parvinder Bali would be in Ananta from 1st April until the 7th April so make sure to book your spots. For more information visit Ananta.

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