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Mezzerie – Waldorf Astoria

By the looks of it Waldorf Astoria seems like a very simple hotel from the outside. Standing tall on the island of Palm Jumeirah where there are many similar fantastic hotels. Well, One just doesn’t judge a hotel by the looks of it so when I got the invite to review one of its popular restaurant called ‘Mezzerie‘ priding itself with a unique experience it did sound of my interest.image

So you might be wondering what’s unique in a Friday brunch which many other restaurants also provide ? Its the experience. I got the chance to visit this hotel by boat which departs from Marina station and takes almost an hour to reach Waldof Astoria. By this journey you see a part of the hotel which is very amusing. The boat ride is fun and relaxed, it finally drops you to the hotel where there are servers waiting with cooling beverages and hot towels. I felt I am star for a moment getting treated with the utmost care and love.image

Entering the hotel you will be surprised how beautiful it looks. I made my way to the restaurant which was having a Spanish theme brunch today ‘Mezzerie’. The restaurant is huge with a kids play area and an a outdoor space as well. There was live music adding to the ambience too.image

For the food there were elaborate counters serving some of the finest meats and seafood. To name a few sushis, ribs, oysters and cold meat cuts. The few thing which disappointed me was there wasn’t many options for vegetarians which should be considered and the servers were a bit unprepared when asked about some basic food details which was surprising. The pasta was delicious and the soup fabulous. Fried chicken could be avoided since it didn’t tasted fresh. If you love meat this place is a heaven then, tendersome and flavoursome dishes which is fulfilling. Even though there were a few hit and miss points considering the food I still enjoyed it overall.image

For desserts the classic Chocolate fondue and variety of icecreams, cakes, candies which are simply magical to have. The restaurant has used its space very sensibility and the buffet is widely spread which is a really good. I would strongly suggest to go here by the boat to have a much enjoyable and a unique brunch experience.image

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