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An Unforgettable Italian Evening with Heinz Beck

Just before the festive season began, Michelin Star Chef Heinz Beck gave us a sneak peak of his new menu at his restaurant in Dubai. As I left for the dinner, I wonder what more should we expect from this talented team of chefs, well the seven-course dinner was a long and a hearty one and something for everyone to enjoy.

As we are seated on our table, chittering chattering about the food, we are presented with a little platter of treats and a plate of amuse bouchée which is a lovely salmon to start off this long-awaited evening. Without any delay, the first course makes a grand appearance, Foie Gras Mousse and even if you don’t like the texture of this ingredient it is barely evident as the Mushroom takes over the flavours, so you are in for a treat.

Followed by some Scallops and Scampi, I am thrilled to see the presentation as each dish looks like a work of art. Both the dishes have an intense relishing flavour which showcases the creatively of the passionate chefs.

For our main course, we have three enriching dishes, Mushroom Tortellini, Sea Bass and Grilled Baby Chicken. My favourite recommendation here would be the Mushroom Tortellini, the aromatic essence of Truffle take over the senses making it my best dish tonight. The Chicken and Sea Bass are beautifully cooked as well, but I have to be biased towards the pasta.

Chocolate Composition a mixture of different chocolate makes up for one great ending, the menu did fill me up and satisfied my Italian craving for a while. At Social by Heinz Beck, you surely can sample some of the best Italian cuisines without having to leave Dubai.


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