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Toro+Ko, a feast through Spain

Toro+Ko is a popular concept from U.S, and after some phenomenal years in New York and Boston they have opened up next to some acclaimed restaurants in Citywalk. Specialising in Spanish cuisines and presenting it with a modern fusion outlook this place is bound to win a lot of hearts with its exceptional cooking.

Was here over the National day weekend and this place was buzzing with people, a common sight on most tables was the Corn on the Cob and Grilled Prawns with Olive Oil. I usually don’t order Corn on the Cob as it’s difficult to eat but this one had my approval, the cheesy sauce drizzled all over the corn was delicious. Chicken and Mushroom courgettes were light and delightful as well; I preferred the mushroom one as it had a strong truffle texture to it.

Roasted Carrots and Spanish Potatoes would be one of the best vegetarian dishes I have had in a while, from the presentation to the flavours, everything was perfectly well presented.

Our highlight of the lunch was the Seafood Paella, cooked in with exotic meats this dish was remarkably rich, scrumptious and beautiful to have. Along with this a side of Sea Bass baked with some veggies works wonders as well.

Creme Brulee and Churros for dessert made a marvellous ending, and I couldn’t have asked for more. Toro Ko was a perfect choice to make the long weekend worth it and kudos to the chef for a putting such a beautiful feast.




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