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Miss Tess, a Asian Retreat – Taj

A restaurant which transforms into a completely different space twice in a day is undoubtedly a good idea, but it needs to have more than just the appealing vibe. Miss Tess in Dubai is charming as it could be, a karaoke area, a rickshaw on display, and some staff dancing and cycling around the venue, what more could you ask for?

Miss Tess in Taj transfigures the all-day dining restaurant Tesoro in the evenings, and with an attractive Asian menu, the place sure seems promising. You can find the usual relishes like Maki rolls, Tempura’s, and Gyoza. The textures of the dishes are pretty decent and addictive, being a big fanatic of Asian food it did have my approval.

The mains are a mixture of Korean BBQ, Grills, Bibimbap, and some tantalising curries. The menu is surely extensive, and you need to visit this place quite a few times before you try most of their specialities. For me, it was the Pepper Chicken and the Peking Duck which swooned me over with its luscious flavours.

And as we come to our last part of the meal, we are served with their newest addition to the menu which is the Matcha Mochi, it’s fulfilling, rich and speaks for itself. Fried Ice cream accompanied with a shot of expresso also works wonders.

Miss Tess is full of surprises and for a remarkable dinner with friends or family, this should be an ideal choice.





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