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Wakame – Sofitel Downtown Dubai

Downtown Dubai, an area which is always glittering with fabulous restaurants has another new and modern restaurant in the iconic and classy Sofitel Downtown Dubai. Recently there are many new restaurants popping up in Dubai and one of the inclusion is Wakame, a Japanese eatery which will leave you stunned with its brilliant interiors and delicious food.image

Walking past the lobby you see this gorgeous picturesque poster which is worth a 1000s selfies. Struck by the beautiful interiors I did appreciate the effort and time put into the details of this amazing restaurant. Wakame serves Japanese cuisine, menu seems intresting and we began by ordering a few starters and a soothing bowl of Miso Soup. Before the food came I ordered a few drinks, loved the strong flavours in the drink but quantity wise I felt it was too less considering just in a few sips the drink is over.image

*Fried Calamari and Shrimps – Both the appetizers had the same dip but different coatings. A crunch in each bite with that mayo sauce is great but would prefer a little bit of difference between the both.
*Yakitori Chicken – Covered in this lipsmacking sauce the tendersome pieces of the chicken taste superbly good.
*Tuna Sashimi – A perfect appetizer for someone like me who loves Tuna, marvelous presentation and extremely fair taste.
Mains consisted of some suggestions from the super friendly staff since they know the best.
*Marinated Baby Chicken – Perfectly well flavoured chicken which oozes a juicy texture in each bite.
*Glazed Lamb Chops – Sharp flavoursome meat has a stong distinctive taste which is very addictive.image

With the mains we also had the option to choose between some sides. Be careful not to order a lot since each side is pretty huge in quantity. I loved how the Stir Fried Vegetables were cooked in a tangy sauce which went excellent with the Seafood Fried Rice.image

Apart from these classic dishes the desserts are also a star. Don’t forget to try the Chocolate Fondant which will leave you feeling so happy and content. The Cheesecake which has this uniqueness attached to it is also so rich and heavenly.image

Wakame you definitely lived up to my expectations. Service was a bit slow but the food compensated for it. Every dish has its own charm and pretty textures to look forward to your visit here.

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