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Luxurious High Tea with phenomenonal views at Burj Al Arab

After London, Dubai is the second most popular place I know which takes it High Tea obsession quite seriously and why shouldn’t we? With Burj Al Arab being one of the most popular places for tourists and locals it is quite essential to have a booking at their Sky View Bar in advance to enjoy a lavish spread of tea and desserts, I hope this gives you an idea of how favoured this place is. For my quest for the Best Afternoon Teas recently I was also in London, and I did manage to review not one but a few of the most talked about places, so when it comes to Dubai I do get a little selective about the place I am heading too.

With Burj Al Arab in question I was a bit anxious at first but by the time the High Tea ended I knew why this place would be your ultimate high tea destination. With sparkling 24 carat gold juice, unlimited teas and juices you begin your journey with the most phenomenal view of the ocean and the palm, isn’t that too dreamy?

As my friend and me enjoy the lovely start of this afternoon we are graciously presented with our first course being a Vegetarian Tart which was wonderfully accompanied with a subtle tomato sauce but it was the next Burj Savoury tower which took my breath away.

In the shape of the iconic Burj Al Arab, the high tea tower features mini sandwiches, truffle egg mixture, and fine seafood subs. Pick your favorite and adore the simple textures of these adorable treats. Before we are bestowed with excitement for our dessert tower to my surprise, a tiny little bowl of palate cleanser is introduced as you move onto the final course.

A striking variety of dessert features in another replica stand of the hotel and has the essential Scones, Pastries, and Muffins, classic way to end such a great afternoon.

With each table having a good view and service which is smooth as butter Burj Al Arabs High Tea adds a contemporary, classy and a sophisticated touch of glam and elegance which is sure to add sparkles in your lovely afternoon here.

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