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Best 5 Peruvian Restaurants in Dubai


In the last few months Dubai has seen a couple of Peruvian restaurants open and close in Dubai, but the ones who are here to stay surely need a mention. Peruvian food is a mix of dishes from South America, and if you still haven’t had your first Latin America meal, you are missing out. Here are some of the best five restaurants in Dubai, which go all out with their dynamic food scene.

Lima:- This is a Michelin star chef restaurant from Lima, and after some successful years in London and Peru, the restaurant has decided to woo the Dubai crowd with its phenomenal food. Watch out for the tropical Chicha Morada drink, absolutely refreshing.

Coya:- I don’t think you can have a bad meal experience at Coya, it’s just not them. Their brunch is something I love and wish they continued it all week along. Each dish has its charm and essence, and their Sea-bass Cazuela is the best in town.

Waka:- A fairly new restaurant in town but pretty experienced when it comes to surprising its guest with some luscious flavours. Their guacamole and maki rolls are top notch, a mandatory order whenever I am there.

Aji:- A mix of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine this restaurant has got a very casual ambience. The view of the Palm makes it romantic as well especially during the cooler months; this is such a beautiful place to be. Tenderloin which is smoked in a charcoal oven and drizzled with chimichurri sauce is a delight to the senses.

Inka:- Situated in Downtown Dubai, Inka is not only a place where you would go for food but also if you are in the mood to party. The food is just another reason to visit this brilliant place; mushroom quinotto is a must try on every visit here.

So with these five top recommendations, you don’t have to look anywhere else, these restaurants give a lot of emphasis to their food and their passion for cooking is seen in each dish which makes them the best places for Peruvian food.




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