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Best Biryani Places in Dubai

Biryani is one thing which I cannot resist and even though I would like to say my mom’s biryani is the best there are a few days I just want to pick up the phone and order a steaming portion of this heavenly rice dishes, without troubling my mom to cook. In my quest for the best Biryani’s in Dubai, I asked some of my friends to suggest their best places to enjoy this meal.

Of course, the list was endless but depending on the votes I have shortlisted some of the must-try biryani places in Dubai which won’t cost you an arm and a leg and at the same time be flavourful and aromatic.

Bhaijaan’s Biryani – This restaurant seems to be getting quite popular by the day and it’s all because of their one and only Biryani. A must-try here is the Mutton and Chicken Biryani, they used the freshest meat which enhances the flavours. I haven’t got the chance of visiting them yet but with the number of suggestions I got for this place, they must be doing something right.

Jaffer Bhai – They called themselves the ‘Biryani King of Mumbai’ and since I was a little child I have pretty much had their Biryani quite frequently at events and parties. I love the fact that they put a generous portion of ‘masala aloo’ in their Biryani. With a side of Raita, it’s delicious. I usually go for the Chicken Biryani.

Pak Liyari – If you are a Biryani fan and haven’t tried this place in Dubai then you are living under a rock. Started in 2005, Chef Ali Mohammed takes immense proud in his Biryani and why shouldn’t he, apparently they sell around 400+ plates daily. The Beef Biryani here is heavenly and it’s hard to resist a second round of it.

Desi Baithak – This restaurant tries to replicates the taste of Karachi in their food and Biryani. The ‘Masaledar Biryani’ is pretty popular among many who dine here, you can order the Beef variation if you want it to be spicy nevertheless the Chicken Biryani is special too.

Delhi Darbar – I used to dine at this restaurant for the tantalising Butter Chicken here until I tried the Chicken Tikka Biryani, the ‘masala’ used is similar to their famous Butter Chicken Gravy and I cannot stop ordering from here every other week.

Student Biryani – The story of this restaurant goes back to 1969 when they opened Cafe Student and since then there is no looking back. The Biryani is ‘masaledar’ and I wouldn’t like it any other way. If you want to try their take on KFC’s fried chicken, do so as its decent too.

Bhai Kadai Biryani – A big fan of their Biryani and my favourite is the boiled egg one. They specialise in various Biryani’s without a doubt and the rice quantity is massive, at times there is a slight queue outside too but I wouldn’t mind waiting if it’s for a portion of Biryani.

Even though these are a few best suggestions which I got from my Dubai Foodie’s group I have made it a point to try a majority of them and it’s true there are many more restaurants which serve decent Biryanis but these have my vote. On my way to try another Biryani, for you!

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