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Priceworthy Brunch at The Daily, Rove

Soon enough when I began to think the journey of the amazing Pavilion came to an end, I woke with the news that they have recently opened up at the Rove hotel’s ‘The Daily.’ Without any significant changes to its popular Friday Brunch, it is safe to say it is very much kept the same.

You surely might be thinking what’s new about ‘The Bench‘ then? Apart from the enormous new open space, there isn’t much difference in the Brunch, in particular; it still kept the same. So sit down at peace and make some room for the appetizers as you could opt from the buffet some varieties of Sandwiches, Juices, Salads, Croissants and Pastries which shall make you happily delighted with the choices.

For the main course, you have the liberty of choosing from a few options, most of the dishes though are breakfast specialities except for the Pasta in Marinara Sauce which I happily gulped down, and my better half went for the Egg Benedict which was made according to his preference. Regarding my Pasta, I was happy with the flavoursome texture but did felt the portions here have reduced. Coming to the refilling of the Buffet it was laid back, and as we moved toward the busier side of the day, the bench did get messy as well.

Concerning the taste of the food, it was excellent, and they had a nice selection of sweets too which made me joyous and to sum it all the Buffet package also consists of tea and coffee which is delightful. So if you too are looking for a reasonably priced buffet which has an abundance of choices for the mains and desserts wouldn’t it be easy to say you should try ‘The Bench’ out then.

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