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Must see things in Los Angeles

Los Angeles being the second largest city in the US after New York is a sprawling place and a major centre for the entertainment industry which is better known as Hollywood. With many historical landmarks, fancy neighbourhood and fun-filled attractions you might want to visit this place for at least a week to cover all its favourite spot. For me, this larger than life city has worked its magic, and I have set my mind on setting here one day but till then I leave you with some fabulous tourists spots in this city.

City Of LA

Walk Of Fame – Located in the Hollywood Boulevard is the Walk Of Fame, even though it is spread across miles the highly busy street is the one near Chinese Theater where all Hop on Hop Off buses has their first stop. This area, in my opinion, is like a mini Times Square of LA.

Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Santa Monica Pier – Love Beaches, Rides, and Food? Head here then. It does get busier during the weekends but its well worth it. There are tons of restaurants and shopping districts around so you could spend an entire day here.

Santa Monica Pier

Farmers Market (The Grove) – The name might be deceiving but head here for an entire day of shopping. Walking down the streets you might feel you are in the miniature sets of some movie, It’s a fabulous place for eating, relaxing, shopping and a playground for the kids.

The Grove, LA Best Mall

The Grove, LA Best Mall

Griffith Observatory – So if you are want to see the entire city of LA especially when it’s glittering during the dark there is no better place then this observatory. You can even get a good look of the Hollywood sign from here. Most of the tourist’s buses don’t go here so consider an Uber.

Griffith Observatory

Rodeo Drive: – LA is known for their extensive and spectacular shopping areas, and Rodeo Drive is the most popular one. A walk down this street is a must and as the sun sets you can even enjoy a chilled beverage in the nearby Cafes or Pubs.

Rodeo Drive

Beverly Hills: – Ever wanted to know how the rich and famous live? Here is your chance then. Many tourists buses take you around the area, and if you are lucky, enough you can even catch a glimpse of one of the many stars who live around.

Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills

Universal Studios: – Located just 15mins away from Hollywood is my favourite Universal Studio. With roller coasters and infinite shows, adults would love to be here. If you have small kids, you might want to head to DisneyLand.

Universal Studios

Getty Centre: – If you are one of the people who loves arts and museums waste no time since the Getty Centre is the place to be, Not one but many museums can make your entire day worthwhile.

Getty Centre

Chinatown/ Little Tokyo: – Most of the cities I have been to have at least one of these Asian markets which are filled with an abundance of shops lots of cultures and food for the soul but in LA these areas are enormous so make sure you are well hydrated before taking a walk down here.

China Town

Disney Concert Hall: – Located in the Downtown district is the architectural marvel where you can learn a lot of history behind Mr Walt himself. Entrance is free but if you are planning to catch a show here make sure you have made the booking in advance.

Disney Concert Hall

Pantages Theatre: – How could you possibly leave LA without seeing one of their many shows? So be sure to catch one in LA at one of the oldest and beautiful concert halls located just 15min away from Walk OF Fame.

With this easy guide, I hope your trip to LA the city of dreams is as memorable as mine!

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