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Best things to see at Paros

If you are a person who loves water, the beach and the outdoor lifestyle then Greece is perfect for you, there are around 227 islands and you can barely go wrong with anyone. Each has its distinct charm and the one which I am going to be visiting is another spectacular and talked about island called Paros. It’s quite easily accessible as there are many ferry connections and in the last few years, it has attracted a lot of tourists too. It’s also surrounded by many islands, and it’s an ideal stop to organise day trips from here to the nearby islands too.

Some of the things you shouldn’t miss on Paros is:-

Parikia – This is the main city, and if you will be arriving by cruise you are most likely to land at Parikia. There are tons of restaurants, cafes and shops around the Old Town which is breathtakingly beautiful, another place to venture is the Kastro hill from where the view is incredible. There is a church here on the summit called Agios Konstantinos Church, and it was built over another ancient ruin. You can also check out The Archeological Museum of Paros, The Byzantine Museum, and the Church of Panagia Ekatontapyliani.

Naoussa – Another pleasant beachside town after Parikia is Naoussa, usually people prefer this neighbourhood because of its pleasing beach and the easy access to some boutique and luxurious hotels. If you enjoy the sea, then you are in for a treat since you can head to a couple of nearby beaches like Siparos Beach, Santa Maria, Stefano or Kolymbithres beach. Another interesting tourist attraction here is the 15th century-old Venetian Castle, which has quite a character or the Church of Agios Antonios which houses many Byzantine and post Byzantine objects.

Butterflies Nature Reserve – How lovely it is to be surrounded by butterflies and incredible flora and fauna. It takes less than 15min by car from Parikia to reach this place and it does impress kids and adults.

Water-sports – There are multiple water sports activities available here like Kayaking, surfing, canoeing, kitesurfing and scuba diving. You can find these activities at the majority of their popular beaches but the best ones are New Golden Beach and Santa Maria.

Paros Park – This place is beyond beautiful, it has secret coves, caves, amazing rock formations, and crystalline waters. Did you know its spread around for a whooping 80 hectares, you can find multiple walking trails, scenic view points, and its entrance you will even come across a monastery, theatre and a open cinema.

Lefkes – Another popular town on the island is Lefkes, the delightful alleys give out the traditional Greek village appeal. The church of Agia Triada is not to be missed, and the ocean view from here is splendid. For people who are interested in history, the Folklore Museum is quite informative especially since it depicts objects from the previous inhabitants. You can also take the Byzantine Road from here which will take you to another glorious village of Prodromos.

Spending a day or two is the perfect way to explore Paros, you will surely end up falling in love with this island! Paros, compared to its neighbouring islands is popular but at the same time, it’s not too crowded and I find that this is the best characteristic of the island. Shopping, eating out, relaxing, and just strolling around here will give you immense joy, and these are just some of the ways I spend my days in Paros.

If you are interested in day trips, you can easily take a ferry to many of the nearby islands, such as Delos, Mykonos, or Naxos.

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