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Is Asado the best Argentinian restaurant in Dubai, Palace Downtown

If you ever get a chance to wander off to Argentina, I would suggest you try one of their most loved steaks or Asado (Barbecue). The country’s undying love for their food especially meat has got them popular among food lovers who would venture out on culinary trips just to find the most exceptional restaurants offering the nation’s specialities. If going to Argentina is a little too much for you then you have Dubai’s numerous award winning restaurant Asado in Palace Downtown, with the view of the shimmering Burj Khalifa and an ambience so earthy it would be love at first sight.

Settle yourself in as you begin your culinary feast with some classic Empanadas and tuck your buttons up as their most favorite Roast Goat would need a little more space in your tummy since each smoked bite is irresistible. Even though I was at an Argentinian restaurant, I still sampled their seafood delicacy Salmon and Tuna Ceviche which at first looked a bit bland but by the end, I was proven wrong, with a subtle sour texture and the moisture in the fish did magic to this appetizer. I know Salad wouldn’t be an ideal thing to opt for but if you do I highly recommend the Mushroom, Prawns, and Organic Egg Salad which adds a crunch and a little bit of healthiness to your meal.

Take a stroll before you go ahead with the mains or even better enjoy the Fountain show right from the restaurant’s courtyard since indulging in Rib Eye Steak here is a necessity, marinated with the traditional Chimichurri herbs makes this meat a must have. Chicken Lovers would be delighted with a Corn Fed Chicken dish, with a beautiful garnish and a side of Creamy Truffle Mushroom this dish does all the wonders.

As we proceed to the end of my meal I nicely digest all this food with a strong Argentinian Tea and their signature Dulce De Leche (Pancakes). Leaving not a morsel of this dessert, I promise myself to head to the gym as Asado has not only filled my tummy but also made this my new favorite place for juicy meats.

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