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Taste the true flavors of Turkey, Besh – Sheraton

Turkey is an enormous country and quite a popular tourist destination but apart from its mosques and palaces there is something else as well which makes Turkey pretty intriguing, it is their food. I have been blessed to have visited this vast nation quite a few times be it Istanbul, Antalya or Izmir; All these lovely places have so much to offer when it comes to the widely known ‘Turkish Cuisine.’

Turkish people are aware of their meat be it Sheesh Tawook, Lahmacun or Adnan Kebab, but when a restaurant in Dubai opens up, and it claims to serve Turkish cuisine, I would be delighted to see if it is real authentic or just another mere version of the restaurant. Upon entering Besh a relatively new restaurant in Sheraton, I was surprised by the modern touch the restaurant had but yet it still maintained the traditional charm especially by the huge mosque painting done on chains. Semi open kitchen layout and a view of the Jumeirah coast this place would surely be classified as one of the fine dining restaurants in Dubai.

On knowing that most of their products are imported from Turkey, I was a little more eager to try their food. Be it the Long Pida (Pizza) which is widely consumed in different regions of Turkey this restaurant has a few variations and the Chef does an ace job on the flavours. Mucver (Zucchini Fritters) are crisp, fluffy fritters and just with a few bites you would want more of it, a bit greasy but yet addictive. Sote Karides (Sautéed Prawns) with hot Pita bread is soothing and comforting, and it does sum up my happy moment since the subtle gravy, and the tender prawns make a perfect combination.

Wickedly even though I was stuffed with the earlier courses, I still managed to tease my taste buds with Acili Ezme (Tomatoes & Pepper) and Izgara Patlican (Eggplant & Pepper). Small portions and tantalizing flavours will make these your favorite.

Just when I thought I was done with food for the day, my husband merely opted for an Iskender Kebab, and I carried along the tune and ordered myself a Sheesh Tawook. Both of the dishes are classic, pleasingly satisfied with the juicy meat and flavoursome gravy of the Iskender I would surely be coming back for this. Sheesh Tawook came along with a spiced rice and grilled vegetables even though the Chicken had a good marinate it could be slightly more tender to be just about perfect.

Firin Sutlac (Rice Pudding) accompanied by the traditional Turkish tea brought an end to my elaborately long Turkish lunch at Besh. Happy with my choice I can easily say I wouldn’t just come here alone but will be getting a lot of my hungry squad on my next visit here.

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