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Best Indian Restaurants in Dubai

Regardless of the fact that I cook Indian food more than once in my kitchen doesn’t stop me from going to restaurants and eating the same cuisine, some might get bored or find it too repetitive but for me it’s joy. It’s quite typical to say that all Indian food taste the same and the curries have more or less the same flavours, maybe you need to try some of my favourites to change your opinion and fall in love with my country’s diverse food options. 

Dubai has some dynamic restaurants which are taking the Indian food scene to high fames and putting it on the global chart. Today, around the world there are people who cannot resist the ‘masalas’ and I wouldn’t blame them as Indian food is surely addictive. Initially, I did think of writing my five best restaurants but that would be unfair on the others as I genuinely go to these mentioned places more than often, it just depends on my mood, the occasion and the type of Indian food I am craving. Keeping these things in mind I have come with a few of the must-try Indian restaurants in Dubai

Indego by Vineet – I am a big fan of Chef Vineet and have tried his food not only in Dubai but also in London. His food is modern yet has a lot of Indian influence to it. He has even had the chance to meet the queen at Buckingham Palace, surely this chef has paved a way for Indian cuisine which today is acknowledged by many. If you happen to visit Indego by Vineet which is run by head Chef Irshad, you will be delighted to try some of their delicious Indian dishes.
Grosvenor House, Marina. (04)317 6000

Bombay Borough – Recently DIFC is brimming with some new eateries and one such restaurant is Bombay Borough. The chain which manages this restaurant has plenty of other popular restaurants in India too and they know their target audience pretty well, with the plethora of spices and herbs used in Indian cuisine it is quite easy to mess up some dishes but here at Bombay Borough you will be satisfied and impressed by some of the best dishes on the menu. My favourite here is Mario’s Mango Prawn and Coconut Rice, you won’t regret ordering this! Chef Chetan Bolar has done a nice job in compiling the dishes for the menu.
DIFC, Gate Village 3. (04)327 1555

Mint Leaf of London Chef Pradeep Khullar is a genius and when he comes up with new dishes it certainly leaves you surprised. I have had the opportunity to dine at this restaurant multiple times and not once have I had a mediocre meal. The menu keeps changing, and the dishes outdo your previous experiences. I have been here with my very fussy father who has given his acceptance to the food and trust me when I say that as he is a bigger foodie than me.
DIFC, Emirates Financial Towers. (04)706 900

Tresind – Chef Himanshu is the brains behind this restaurant and the reason this place has received multiple awards. I wouldn’t say it’s the traditional Indian food but instead, this place serves modern progressive Indian food. If there is an occasion in your family you could consider this place to impress you and your guests. The menu changes constantly and there is always a surprise factor hidden in most of their dishes. If I head here, I make sure to order the Mushroom Chai as that’s one signature dish which has been on the menu since the beginning.
Voco Hotel, SZR. (04)308 0440

Masti – I remember Chef Prashant Chipkar as a very humble chef, and from my first visit to Masti up until now their food has perpetually dwelled towards excellency. I would be wrong to compare this restaurant to others as the menu has a great prominence from global cuisine than one particular country. They have found their own identity in the bustling food scene of Dubai. The chef here also manages other Indian restaurants which are great but my favourite remains Masti. Some of the must-try dishes here are Stuffed Charcoal Chicken and the juicy Lamb Chops.
La Mer, Jumeirah. (800)627 84

Mohalla – D3 has recently surpassed my expectations, I didn’t really think any restaurant could flourish here as the area was a bit too far out but I was wrong, people travel for food and with Mohalla such is the case. Chef Adwait Anantwar sticks to the restaurant’s motto ‘less is more’ and takes you through a culinary journey through the sub-regional parts of India. Their food is minimalistic but yet delicious, one such dish which you should try is the Grilled Thecha Prawns and the Sour Mango Wings
Dubai Design District. (800) 664 2252

Bombay Brasserie – The first time I dined at Taj Dubai it was quite nostalgic as it reminded me of my time in Bombay, and the old days when my mom used to take me to the Taj Hotel in Bandra to celebrate my little accomplishments in school. Bombay Brasserie, has an exceptional view of the Burj Khalifa and they occasionally keep changing their menus to surprise you with new dishes. They often curate special menus for Diwali, Holi, Eid or even Independence Day, my last dine out at this restaurant was to try out their Thali set up which left me full to the brim, but yes I don’t regret it a bit.
Taj, Business Bay (04) 438 3222

I know that there are plenty more amazing restaurants and varied restaurants in Dubai but these few have been my favourite and the consistency has always remained their priority. Let me know if there are more fine dining restaurants which I should add in the list?

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