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Buddha Bar – Grosvenor House, Marina

Sensuality, Style and being a Stunner is all part of Buddha Bar. With the stand alone Buddha statue or the free falling chandelier with the mesmerizing view of the marina and a teppanyanki experience this place has it all to make you instantly fall in love.image

Buddha Bar in my opinion is the pride of Grosvenor House, attracting not only the tourists but also the locals. This place has always been my first choice for vibrant Japanese food. Make sure you have a lot of time to soak in the love this place showers on you. From the service to food everthing is so appealing that you might want to come back for the next meal itself.image

With a impressive menu, we began by ordering Wasabi Shrimps, Cured Salmon, Dynamite Chili Crab (Sushi Roll) and Crispy Tempura California (Sushi Roll). With each dish having it’s own delighful moreish flavour you feel to praise the chef for such remarkably inviting textures.image

After these nibbles we waited a while before we decided to order our mains. Kung Pao Chicken and Vegetable Fried Rice made a combination which is hevenly. The chicken being cooked in different zesty sauces was the highlight of the night and my favorite too.image

Dessert’s always excites me so without a second thought I got a Chili Chocolate Cake and Coconut Parfait. Chili Chocolate Cake was unique take with a combination of sweet and spicy with is surprisingly fantastic and the Coconut Parfait too had it’s own pleasurable texture but not as amazing as the Chocolate cake.image
Feeling blissfully satisfied afternoon my dinner at the highly acclaimed restaurant and I can’t wait to try the London branch on my visit there next week. Hope it lives up too all the expectations I had at this one.

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