Grosvenor House – More then just a relaxing stay!

Who hasn’t heard about Grosvenor House in Dubai Marina? This place is like a fairytale land for award winning restaurants and party capital for Dubai’s high elite. But this time I wasn’t there to review just their restaurants infact I decided to have a stay there and see for myself if this hotel has it all.image

As we make our way to the check in desk a kind lady serves us a refreshing mocktail which was needed as we moved towards the hotter seasons of Dubai, it had this soothing relaxing flavours which calms you down. Our check in was done quick and a handsome gentleman escorts us to our room on the 28th floor. Seeing my room I was pretty surprised since this Deluxe room Suite had a more homely feel to it considering it was a apartment fit for a couple. I didn’t feel I was in a hotel, instead in a relaxing home away from home feeling swifts in.image

With a comforting living space and a tiny but useful kitchen which adds more to the charm of this room you are left to wonder that this space replicates a house so much and wouldn’t we all like to come home to a space which resembles like this?image

My room was elegant and had a excellent bed which would make it hard to leave if you are at leisure. Bathroom’s had some beautiful amenities from Bvalgari which adds a touch of luxury to it and also makes you realize that Starwood hotel’s tries their best to spoil you.image

Only slight thing which I found odd was the closet right next to the main entrance which isn’t a usual sight. The view of the Marina is remarkable and The Beach being so close would can be enjoyed by people who love to spend their time strolling on the beach.image

Food being the soul of this hotel considering all the popular restaurants with a few Michlin star chef’s as well you won’t be disappointed when it comes to Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner. After a romantic night with marvelous Japanese food at Buddha Bar all I wondered will the Breakfast be as good as the dinner?image

Next morning I spent my time soaking in some sun at the beautiful pool before I head for Breakfast at Slone’s. Looked like a busy morning at the restaurant but we still managed to get a perfect table with a view of the yachts and scenic Marina. I warn you to come hungry if you truly want to enjoy every dish this restaurant has to offer. Juices, Doughnuts, Pancakes, Waffles and a lot of favorites especially the English breakfast might make you put on a few pounds easily but in my opinion don’t miss out on anything.

As I have a late check out I also decided to check out their gym which is a interesting sight since unlike me there are quite a few people working out, guilty me. But overall I had a stress free stay and thank you SPG group for making me realize how much you please your guests with the best, thanks for having me.

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