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Celebrate Gourmet 10/10 at Ristorante, Armani

Armani Hotels annual event Gourmet 10/10 is back again. With all its award winning restaurants featuring a signature four-course menu, Extravagant ambience and culinary ingenuity which will whammy your palate with innovative flavours.

With Italian food being my favoured cuisine, I opted to try their highly recommended Ristorante. Live singer and a glorious view of the Dubai Mall Fountain, this was bound to be a good start. Welcomed by a portion of Amuse Bouche, I devoured on the Burrata which was creamy and soft.

Mellowing down with the evening our signature specialities were:-

Prawns with Sweet Potato Cream: – A devious plate presented with succulent meat and carrot cream is alluring at the same time delicious.
Ravioli: – Combination of the finest pasta and cheese make a comforting meal but making it to the sheer prime passion is something that this restaurant is popular for.
Sgombro (Mackerel): – A light fish very creatively paired with mashed pea and citric salad which adds unexpected texture to this main course.
Gianduja: – An interesting mixture of chocolate and hazelnut is a decadent, indulgent dessert which you can devour at almost any time of the day.

With this comes an end to a beautiful night and for me another reason to visit the other outlets of this magnificent hotel Armani.

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