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Pacific Coast Drive, Los Angles to San Francisco (California)

Things to see while on Pacific Coast Drive from LA to San Francisco

Traveling can be the hobby for many, for me it’s my passion. I feel like I have a traveler soul which urges me to visit new places and gather loads of experiences through observations. Visiting my favorite places, meeting other human beings and tasting traditional cuisine is something for which I’m always ready. I also love sharing my traveling experiences with all of my friends, followers and all such mates who are also planning to go to the place I’ve recently visited. But this sharing are especially for those who, for any reasons, can’t go there but want to get the feelings of being there through the telescope of my observations.

Starting Journey:-

So I started my journey from the large city of LA, having heard a lot of fabulous things and being one of the most scenic drives in the world there was no way I could end my trip without this drive.

It is pretty easy to take the short route and reach San Francisco in a few hours, but Pacific Coast drive is nothing compared to it. During my itinerary planning, it was pretty difficult to find the best stops and how to get the most out of this trip. I finally decided to take a two-day road trip which started from LA at around 8:00 am and within 1 and a half hour we were at our first stop.

A small city but still a pretty popular stop, It wouldn’t be an essential stop if you are short on time but considering my love for these little towns I had to make an hour stop here. Clicked a quick picture near their Country Hall and a walked up to their Downtown where their Mission San Buenaventura is another tourist stop.

downtown Ventura from City Hall

Santa Barbara: –
How I wish I stayed in this gorgeous town of California, situated on the hills and having the best view of the ocean, a good few hours is needed to see their city. If you don’t have much time make sure you see their Wharf, County Courthouse from where you can get the best view of the town from their observation deck also a visit to their Downtown area is a must. Even though you could spend an entire day here, these places are a must visit.

Santa Barbara, Shops on State Street in the city of Santa Barbara in southern California

Solvang: –
After we left behind the city of Santa Barbara and enjoyed the breathtaking view of the coast roughly about in 45min we reached Solvang, a beautiful picturesque Danish village filled with history. I had my lunch here since this place has attractive restaurant options and after which a walk in their town was incredibly peaceful and also made me promise myself a visit to Copenhagen.


Pismo Beach: –
If you love Beaches, you might want to have a relaxing break here. Being at Pismo Beach, miles away from the city of San Luis Obispo, I took a break; and stopped here for the night after a fun evening at this beach.

The Next Morning:-
Next morning after a comfortable night we got back to our journey, and our first stop was Hearts Castle; unfortunately, I wasn’t lucky enough to see this castle considering it was closed due to wildfire but going by people’s words if you have seen many European castles you could skip this one.

As you approach San Francisco, you might now come to Ragged Point it’s a steep uphill drive which is kind of interesting as you can see the best view of the coast. Make sure you take this drive in the early hours since it’s marvelous. During the drive you come to Mcway Falls which is a gorgeous waterfall, park your car and walk a while before you approach this fantastic place. I had a quick stop here and made mine to the next big thing which was Big Sur.

Big Sur:-
Where the land meets the sea and gives us the most spectacular view, sit down at a few of their viewing point and soak in love this place showers on you. You might want to stop on Brixy Bridge as well since it’s the most photographed bridge.

Carmel by the Sea:-
Another small city of Monterey you could stay at their windy beach and have lunch in their downtown district where you get to see the culture and hospitality of this town. I made sure I also visit their incredibly historic Fisherman Wharf, a bit busy area but worth a stop.

Santa Cruz:-
Making memories as we drove to our next stop from Monterey is a fairly bigger city of Santa Cruz. It will take you about an hour and a half but sit back and relax as you pass the Californian coast before you reach this busy stop. Enjoy a rollercoaster ride in their Boardwalk or visit the Mystery Spot where science will surprise you with its mysterious gravity-defying tricks. Even though this city has a lighthouse and a few good parks and trails it is probably pretty much repetitive if you have seen other parks and cities.

San Jose:–
45 min from Santa Cruz I come to the second last stop before I approach my final destination. San Jose is quite a bustling place but more importantly I made a visit here to see the spooky Sarah Winchesters Mystery House which has doors leading to nowhere and windows opening to thick walls. An entry ticket here would cost you $40 but don’t miss this opportunity! After this long 2hours tour, we made a visit to the Downtown district and finally filled our stomach with dinner where you will be spoiled for food choices. Click a picture or two at their dreamy shopping area of Santana Row, or if you are into science, the Tech Museum shall impress you.

Documentation of past project intede

As we leave this city in about 30 minutes, we reached San Francisco, an easy drive. Filled with memories, culture, and history this Pacific Coast Drive has made me fall in love with road trips especially when there is so much to see and enjoy.


This post is compiled by guest reviewer :- Sarah Stone

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