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An Underwater dinner worth experiencing

If you dine out occasionally especially at fine dining restaurants you would expect to get the best and the finest from the food, service, interiors and the decor but there are numerous factors apart from food which goes into making a restaurant famous, the chef’s creativity, the team work and most importantly the service. Many of us would wonder why the service would be so critical? But if the food is good and the service terrible would you think of coming back to this place especially if you have to impress someone? Probably not!.

This week’s restaurant review is a place which provides its guests with a carnival of gluttony, and the romantic theme of this restaurant makes you forget the worries of the world and takes you to a mythical underwater journey, yes it is Ossiano at Atlantis.

Chef Gregoire Berger has won many prestigious awards including the Young Chef award and a couple of local and international recognition for his outstanding contribution to the world of gastronomy. Apart from the food, you will be mesmerized by the wall to ceiling view of the underwater life, and this will be one dining experience you don’t want to forget about.

Today, I was here to try the Chef’s Experience menu; it consisted of a seven course with some of the best signatures. Beginning with some amuse boche better known as Spherification here. These mini quartets were a highlight of what we can expect tonight, followed by a citrus Kelly Oyster, well presented and lovely to eat.

Rainbow Trout “Floating Island” and Foie Gras Terrine was our third course, both of the dishes won my heart on the presentation, and the textures of each ingredient is pretty varied. The Foie Gras served with Rhubarb was smoothed, and the Trout felt so delightful to have.

We were halfway to the end with our fourth course and probably on the verge of getting full but when the North Sea Langoustine and Challans Duck Brest is served, it is hard to resist the temptation. The Duck had a subtle flavor which makes it unusual from the rest, and no surprise that this duck is probably one of the finest you can get. The Langoustine was like a pretty art and the flavors as delicate as the presentation.

Our last main course was Caramelised Black Cod served on a bed of linguine and Black Onyx Beef Tenderloin Rossini. Both the meats being super tender, it melts in your mouth, the sauces are divine and the presentation which you can’t complain about.

Fascinated to see whats for dessert I eagerly awaited it. Finally, we are presented with Chocolates Genesis and Ossiano’s Apple Tart. A thrillingly composed chocolate dessert with character and flavors is remarkable, and the Apple Tart with the Salted Caramel Licorice is a delightful treat to the taste buds.

With this exceptional tasting menu at Ossiano, it’s hard not to fell in love with every dish here. Also, I did feel like I gained a few kgs too, but alls well that’s ends well.

For more information head onto Ossiano or Call at +971 4 426 2000

Seven Course Menu priced at 890dhs per person.

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