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Ruya – Innovative Turkish Cuisine, Grosvenor House

Turkish food is not always about the Kebabs and dips; there is surely more to it, and when fine dining restaurants like Ruya come onto the culinary scene, you can expect some fine surprises. Ruya at Grosvenor House is for the masses who are bored with the usual Mediterranean food and want to experience traditional food but with a modern touch.

Saturday brunch will be the perfect way to start your lazy afternoon with a long list of dishes to look forward too. Salads might not always be the best beginning for me, but the zesty textures and flavors did delight me especially the Turkish Spoon Salad and Spicy Kisir Salad. These are just a few of the highlights of the brunch apart from the Eggs to order, grills and freshly made Long Pides.

The meat here appears to have been long-braised until it’s falling off the bone especially when it comes to tender some Adana Kebabs, Iskender Kebab or the Rib Eye Steak from the main course.

Well, the brunch just doesn’t end here as there is a whole lot of Fried and Main Course yet to come, so do leave a good amount of space to relish some more impressive dishes out here.

Naturally, as you pass through the dessert isle, you will be tempted to try each and every appealing and stirring dish. Some of the highly recommended treats would be Candy Floss Sorbet and Rice Pudding which indeed was lush and magnificent.

Ruya with this exceptional Turkish dishes, ambiance, and service, is an admirable restaurant which does well in differentiating from the rest of the usual places.

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