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Rhodes W1, Award Winning High Tea, Grosvenor House

Michelin star chef, Gary Rhodes restaurant in Grosvenor House is famous for its steak but today I wasn’t here to try any of that as there is another thing this place is known for and it is their High Tea. Winning not one but a few highly acclaimed awards I was sure that this place would attract not only the High Tea lovers but also the British lot who fancy the classic tea just the way it should be.

We were welcomed with a non-alcoholic Gin and Tonic which was a perfectly refreshing treat which was then followed by their traditional High Tea dishes. These delightful dishes were served with contemporary Alice and Wonderland themed cutlery, this place will mesmerize you with its selection, presentation and food.

First stand has a variety of sandwiches, scones and warm savouries which are satisfying and balanced with the right flavours and textures, quintessentially British with a touch of sophistication. The second stand has selection of significant cakes and pastries which are flawless, you wouldn’t be disappointed a bit with the magnificent choices.

Apart from this make sure you don’t leave this place before trying the soothing and calming herbal teas as it is one of the most essential part of any High Tea experience. Starting at 175dhs, it’s a pretty good deal.


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