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Brasserie 2.0 – Le Royal Meridien

Brasserie’s new Brunch launch was one splendid affair with a lot of entertainment and media personality it was surely a brunch beyond the usual ones. Set in this spacious restaurant which boasts of a plush outdoor area facing the pool and the BBQ section this is one brunch I wouldn’t want to miss. Weekend’s in Dubai start with brunch and there is no doubt about it looking at the enormous options we have. And considering there are so many you brunches you need to choose the best one which makes the start of your Friday afternoon mesmerizing and a perfect value for money.image

I began by touring the restaurant first and looking at the vast range of seafood, cheese, meat cuts and hot dishes my stomach began to rumble. Wishing I could try everything but don’t think it’s possible since there is so much to eat. Filling my plate up with some sizzling BBQ with juicy texture meat I made my way to the Burger counter. Looked tempting and hard to resist.image

The seafood section is a heaven and you be delighted to see so many selection, makes it a but difficult for the mind since you don’t know from where to begin. Mussels, Clams, Lobsters, Crabs and Seafood Paella are just are a few dishes to fill your belly with. Oh if you think the food coma ends here you be lying to yourself since you haven’t glanced the Pasta section, Dimsums, Turkey or the Indian dishes which awaits to tempt you with its aromatic smell and beautiful flavours.  image

Before I head down to the last part of my meal I enjoyed the live band playing while my foot tapped in excitement. Moving on to the desserts they are at another level, I haven’t seen that many variations in any other buffet. Icecreams, Cakes, Chocolates, Crepes and a lot more heavenly treats to make you want to come back for sure. And Cheese lovers you be in for a treat since they have section dedicated entirely with exotic cheese.                                                                     imageimageimage

I go out a lot to eat especially for Friday brunches so take my word and head here since this one is not a brunch but a kings feast which leaves your stomach so full that you won’t be complaining about any food for a few days to come.


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