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Best Ramadan Iftars in Dubai

Ramadan is almost upon us and with this auspicious occasion being so popular in Dubai there are not a few but tons of restaurant’s and hotels doing Iftars and Suhoor’s. Knowing how much people love to have a good meal after a long day of fasting I did a round up on some of the place’s you could try this Ramadan.

Saraya Tent, Armani Hotel – Elegantly styled tent at the pavilion of Armani hotel is the sophisticatedly style tent where you can experience a daily changing Iftar and Suhoor menus as well as a la carte shisha’s. Classic Arabic flavours from around the region share the table with inspired signature dishes from Armani hotel Dubai’s five award winning restaurants all set against the reflective backdrop of the Dubai Fountain. Now this will surely be one of a kind Iftar to remember.
(Priced at 250dhs Per Person)

Ritz Carlton, DIFC – Ritz Carlton Ramdan Majlis is set in their ballroom with graceful decor and food which is simple yet appealing. From live Shawarma station, Pastas, traditional Lamb Oozi and a fusion of arabic Sushis this all and more to explore while you break your fast. With these exciting spreads including a Tahina and a Chocolate fountain rest assured you will leave with the thought of returning back very soon.
(Priced at  195dhs Per Person)

Mint Leaf Of London, DIFC – If you fancy some Indian food which is ligh on the stomach and isn’t too greasy or oily Mint Leaf Of London is the place to be. Their Ramdan offerings are beautiful and at the same time impressive. Beginning with some refreshing Lemonade and Rooh Afza which will quench your thirst and slowly moving onto some salad and starters which will surely make you happy. Main’s are delightful to have especially since all the dishes are very subtle which doesn’t makes you feel too full but surely makes your tummy content.
(Priced at 135dhs Per Person)

Al Fanous, Ballroom Iftar – JW Marriott Marquis – If going grand and setting a impressive impression among your friends and family is your idea then head straight to the Ballroom Iftar. In this dreamy and royal setup you won’t have anything to complain about. From soul satisfying dishes to wonderful dessert’s all is there to welcome you at this royal setup by JW Marriott Marquis and that too at the most reasonable price, no doubt this Iftar has won many awards in the last few years.
(Priced at 195dhs per person)

RamdanSawa at Address Marina – Another spectacular setup with pretty much all popular cuisines and dishes. From service to their food everything is near perfect and the servers do their best to make your Iftar a rememberable one. Last time I had a Iftar party for my husband and the servers had a gorgeous cake prepared for him and of course they sang for him as well. With various varieties of date’s and dessert’s you might consider fasting for another month since breaking your Iftar here is not less then a feast.
(Priced at 210dhs Per Person)

Asateer, Atlantis – A special tent prepared only for the month of Ramadan, Atlantis surprises us again with going all traditional but yet having touch of modernism. Oriental entertainment and array of dishes, Incase you can’t make it for the Iftar you could also try their Suhoor offerings. Make sure you book in advance since this popular place is one of the top choices for high elite’s to break their fast in style.
(Priced at 205dhs per person)

Naya, Jumeirah Beach Hotel – With the view of Burj Al Arab rejoice the authentic north indian menu prepared by Chef Pravish Shetty who knows how to get people back and again at Naya with his tantalising dishes. In Ramadan open your Iftar with some light snacks like Pakora, Hummus Chana and Dahi Puri which moves onto the filling and satisfying main course which is carefully selected from some of the signature offerings here.
(Priced at 185dhs Per Person)

Fume, Downtown Dubai – This Mediterranean restaurant has come up with a delicious menu to make your Ramdan Iftar brighter. With a few traditional dishes of course attached to it is a Fume twist, I can easily suggest you try this place in a blink of an eye. With soups, cold and hot mezzeh and don’t forget to leave some space for the meatylicious mains and lastly for Fumes fabulous desserts. So for a more casual Iftar yet keeping it classy head to Fume.
(Priced at 139dhs per person)

Feast, Sheraton Grand Hotel – Their Friday Brunch is a talk of the town and now when they decide to do a Ramdan Iftar is there even a slight doubt about the food on display? With a good mix of all cuisines to name a few Indian, Arabic, Asian and who can forget the sugar rush when you see their dessert display. The chic atmosphere and with the service at your fingertips this would be a place which you might want to come back to more then once.
(Priced at 199dhs Per Person)

Brasserie 2.0, Le Royal Meridien – With over 10 live stations including a BBQ station this Iftar Buffet at Brasserie is all about food from different parts of the world. A scrumptious spread which begins with some refreshing juices and takes you down a culinary journey which in my opinion bags the title for having the most variety of dishes which at the same time maintains the quality of the fine food.
(Priced at 215dhs Per Person)

Azur, Raffles – Wafi – Adding a regal touch to the Buffet Azur restaurant in Raffles delights you with some Arabian favourites and classic specialities which are very true to their origin. Embracing the holy spirit some completely traditional music will help you relax while you savour their delicacy from a Chef who has a 15 year experience in Arabic cooking. Doesn’t that sounds like a place to break your Iftar and treat your tummies to food which is prepared with excellence.
(Priced at 185dhs Per Person)

Ewaan, Palace Downtown – With a Ramadan Tent which extends further into the gardens of this majestic hotel. Palace Downtown generous Arabiac spread with Oud harmonies filling the air with a sense of enchantment would be another choice for Iftar apart from their Royale Ballroom Iftar which will struck the cords of your heart making you deeply in love with the ambience and of course their hospitality and hotel.
(Priced at 240dhs Per Person)

Medley, Pullman (Deira City Center) – Live entertainment, fresh juices and a mix of enjoyable dishes Medley restaurant has decent choices for a variety of Arabic appetizer’s, salad, dips and main courses. Their Dessert section would be fairly appreciated by any sweet lover. For a fine dining Buffet experience Medley should be considered over the many restaurants around the vicinity to make your Iftar enjoyable and a memorable one.
(Priced at 175dhs Per Person)

Slones, Grosvenor House – Been to this restaurant a couple times and recently when I tried their Iftar preview offerings at Slones I was happy to know that I have another reason to come back here. With a wonderful selection of traditional dishes along with some international favourites such as Pastas and Pizzas this would be another place to be. Also with the picturesque view of the Marina from their terrace this is a lovely place especially after a long day of fasting. Sipping on your afternoon tea or coffee in the heart of Marina in Grosvenor House could be all what you want for a relaxed Iftar.
(Priced at 260dhs Per Person)

Le Patio, St. Regis Dubai – Ramdan Tent is getting quite popular in Dubai and especially if St. Regis is having one you know you are in for a spectacular surprise. From comforting soups to hot and cold mezze platters, as well as tempting grills you will be content for your classic Arabic Iftar choice. So go ahead and book your tent in advance at the charming St. Regis.
(Priced at 195dhs Per Person)

Hopefully now you don’t have to spend ages deciding which are the most sorted out Iftar’s in Dubai and of course the most lavish and talked about too. All of the above restaurants have been tried by me on several occasions and without a doubt these are some of my best choices in my city Dubai. Go ahead and try these without a second doubt and If you do know any interesting Iftars which should be here too leave your comments below so I could surely consider them too.

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  • Laura
    June 24, 2016 at 2:53 pm

    Ramadan is about sharing and kindness, so why not try these affordable Iftars and money saved spend on charity?

    • SanaOnFood
      June 24, 2016 at 8:39 pm

      Hi Laura, Firstly thanks for your comment. I am a muslim and truly believe in charity in fact I spend more on giving then on eating out. Having feed more then a dozen people in this month, I too like to eat out once a while where I enjoy this blessed month with my family where I am at peace without having to worry on what to cook. This list comes in handy for those days where after a long day of fasting you want to sit, relax and enjoy a comforting Iftar which has value for your money and everthing is near perfect.

      Regards, Sana


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