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Best Bubble Tea places in Dubai

I went to Taiwan for a holiday and since then I have got addicted to Bubble Tea’s and if I hear there is a new place specialising in it I have to coax my husband to take me there. Just like Taiwan, even in Australia there is a crazy culture for this beverage and having spent a fair amount of time there too I got to drink this delicious beverage may on a daily basis for a month. Since that trip, my love for Bubble tea has become more extreme and I drive miles to get this drink and just like me there are many of you who enjoy Bubble tea as much as I do so if you are looking for a Bubble tea place in Dubai below are my best suggestions:-

Happy lemon – Initially I wasn’t aware of their opening in Burjuman mall but since my friend’s mentioned it to me and they even warned me that I will be obsessed over their teas, I made sure to try it as soon as possible, and my friends weren’t wrong the teas are amazing. They even have a few options with low or no sugar if I am not mistaken but apart from the drinks, you should even try the Bubble waffles, egg tart and mochi ice creams. This little joint won’t disappoint you.

Modern Asian Desserts (MAD) – This is a new place in DIFC and their new menu has teas which are sourced from Taiwan, how good is that? The freshly brewed tea is fresh and tastes amazing, the teas come in a nice tall takeaway glass. My favourite tea here is the Brown Sugar Milk Tea and with the first sip, you will know how great the texture is. They don’t use a lot of sugar so don’t worry about the weight, just enjoy the refreshing drink.

Urth cafe – Now this brand is quite popular back in the US and I came to know about them after I read Kylie Jenner’s obsession with their Green Tea Booba. Coincidently this restaurant was about to open in Dubai soon, and to my surprise, their tea is pretty perfect. For once I agree with Kylie Jenner. Urth Cafe has a lot more food and drinks options but I guess you will find me here only for the drink. It is also busy and doesn’t be surprised if you have to wait to get a seat here as it does get busy.

Latea Tea – I love the fact that Dubai is opening so many Bubble Tea places as a few years back we barely had any decent brand but currently a fairly new place has opened up in Ibn Batuta mall which looks quite promising. They serve some intriguing concoctions like Cheese Mango and Cheese Cherry but for me, the winning drink here is their Boba Black Milk Tea. It is soothing, refreshing and all that I need after a long tiring day. They even have a few additional desserts on the menu which are worth trying like the Blancmange and the herbal jelly.

Yakitate – This quaint little restaurant has its own clientele and they love their food but one thing I really enjoy here is their Bubble Teas. They serve four kinds of milk teas and four kinds of milkshakes with tapioca pearls. I would highly recommend the Brown Sugar and Mango Milk tea, it’s my favourite and you cannot go wrong with it. If you intend to eat here give their Donburi lunch set a chance it is delicious and the sushi as well are fabulous. Currently, they have two outlets which are situated in different malls to attract not only tourists but also locals.

Share Tea – When I first came across this place I was overwhelmed by looking at the menu, it had so many options and unique flavours but overtime I have found my perfect blend and add ons. My husband prefers the Matcha Cream puff drink while for me it’s always the Mango Milk Tea. The brand is originally from Taiwan which was started in 1992 and over the years they have a couple of branches in many countries, and UAE is one of them. This brand is well known and they have surely mastered the art of serving fresh and flavourful bubble tea drinks.

Moge tee – This is another brand which has over 400 stores around the world and they have recently opened their branch in the touristy La Mer which is a great move. They have a wide range of options and apart from Bubble teas I even like their pancakes and Soufflé cakes which is one of the best I have ever had. I love their branding and the takeaway cups they serve it in and little details like this make a massive difference. A must-try here is the Brown Sugar Bubbles, you won’t regret ordering this one, it is absolutely amazing and is an instant refreshing drink.

Cha time – This is another brand from Taiwan which opened in 2005 and has grown enormously over the years, they are dominating in many Asian countries like Singapore, Myanmar, Vietnam and India. Their aim is to help you make a switch to healthier beverage rather than aerated or any caffeine drinks. Some of the teas which I have tried here are Grass Jelly Milk Tea, Karak Pearl Milk Tea, and Pearl Black Tea. The drinks won’t disappoint you and you will relish every sip of the wonderful flavours. A must-try for any bubble tea fans.

Kaffe Bloom – This is a speciality coffee shop and I wasn’t expecting much from their bubble tea but to my surprise it was superb. Their bestseller is the Brown Sugar Milk Tea and with one sip you fall in love with the soothing beverage. If you like any healthier milk alternatives like Oat, Almond or Soy they can make that happen without compromising on the quality. Apart from their tea I even like the Korean Bibimbap which is quite authentic and appealing. If you like anything sweet another recommendation to try at Kaffe Bloom is the famed Korean dessert ‘Patbingsu’ which is shaved ice topped with different flavours and the mango one typically is amazing.

So with these many bubble tea places, you will be surely spoiled for choices and I am sure over time Dubai will have more Bubble tea places which mean more options for us. Tell me which drink or cafe is your favourite? 

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