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Best Korean Restaurants in Dubai


K-Pop has taken the world by a storm, but boy bands, amazing music, and synchronized dance moves aren’t the only reason people are going crazy for Korean culture. Taste fascinating and flavourful Korean food and you’ll never look back again. 

A cuisine that has developed over thousands of years, Korean food is intricate, yet light on your gut. Korean cuisine is also a great alternative to fast food; especially if you’re trying to shed a few pounds (watch the rice portions though). A traditional Korean meal includes Rice, Soups, Stews, Braises, Banchan or side dishes, Kimchi, Noodles, and of course, Dessert! Whether you want to rediscover the flavours you grew up with, or you’re looking to dip your toe into the vast and wonderful world of Korean cuisine, we’ve got you covered. So food lovers feast your eyes and get ready to grab your sujeo!  

Hyu, Jumeirah Lakes Towers – If you’re in need of quick cravings of Bibimbap, Ramyun, and Dakgangjeong, Hyu is the place for you! Located in Cluster O, Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Hyu welcomes you with a cosy, intimate ambience. The Yangnyum Galbi AKA Korean Barbequed Beef is tender, delectable, and melts in your mouth, and it’s a massive hit with patrons. So the next time you want to grab a quick but comforting dinner after work or catch up with old friends over good food, you know exactly where to go! 

Sumibiya – Radisson Blue Hotel, Dubai Deira Creek – Now if you want to kick things up a notch, Sumibiya at Radisson Blu is a great option. One of Dubai’s first Yakiniku style restaurants, the slow-smoked Beef with Kalbi sauce is a must-try. Each table has a barbeque grill fitted into it, and you can adjust the temperature to your liking. Combine the barbeque with kimchi and soybean paste, and it’s going to be an explosion of flavours in your mouth. If you’re looking for heavenly food, great ambience, and fantastic service, Sumibiya is your best bet. 

KPOP Chicken , Jumeirah Lakes Towers – Don’t be misled by the name, KPOP Chicken isn’t only for fans of K-Pop (or just chicken, for that matter). The marinated beef in Korean bulgogi sauce and stir-fried seafood in seafood dubbab is truly divine. Of course, you’ve got to try out the delightful fried chicken that’s perfectly battered and served with three flavourful sauces. Located in Indigo Icon Tower, Cluster F at Jumeirah Lakes Towers, KPOP Chicken is simple, fun, and has deliciously authentic Korean food!

Shogun, Al Ghurair Center – If you haven’t tried Korean cuisine yet and you’re looking for the perfect experience, Shogun is the place for you! Sleek wooden interiors welcome you to a warm, relaxed ambience. The restaurant serves three cuisines – Korean, Japanese, and Thai, so this is the place for fans of Asian cuisine! A hidden gem tucked away in Al Ghurair Center, Shogun deserves a lot of love, especially for the Squid BarbequeJapchae, and the rustic charm. 

Sonamu, Asiana Hotel – Situated in the Asiana Hotel in Deira, Sonamu is the hotel’s signature restaurant. Cosy and classic, Sonamu is perfect for intimate dinners with family and friends. A firm favourite with the regulars, at Sonamu you can indulge in a spread of the best traditional Korean food, including Jungol, Ddukbokgi, and Jjajangmyeon prepared by Chef James Kang. The service is beyond compare and the food always phenomenal. The portions are of excellent value and be sure to watch out for those wonderful complimentary dishes! 

Seoul Garden, Al Karama – One of Dubai’s oldest and original Korean restaurants, Seoul Garden is the exemplar of a homey restaurant. Upon entering the restaurant you wouldn’t be entirely off the mark if you thought you were in a Korean family’s home, Seoul Garden offers private rooms with built-in table-side grills (grilling your own barbeque at a restaurant is quite the fun experience). The hot pot dishes and cold noodles are must-try. With a healthy, delicious, and high-quality Korean menu, you’ll be spoiled with the excellent food, great service, and the tranquil ambience. 

Sobahn, Al Safa – for big groups looking for an intimate setting, Sobahn with its cosy and elegant interiors, is located in Al Safa. Heaven for the meat-lovers, they offer a vast selection of meats for the Barbeque, which is delicious, juicy, and tender; even the salads are delicious. An excellent place to catch up with friends, the service is brilliant. The outdoor seating is fantastic during the colder months, and there’s no greater pleasure than enjoying good food with great company while taking in the incredible Dubai skyline. 

Mannaland Korean Restaurant, Al Hudaiba – An authentic Korean restaurant located in Al Hudaiba, Mannaland is just the place to hit for dinner with friends. A blend of Korean and Chinese cuisines, the Galbi Gui is absolutely to die for, and Kimchi Jeongol will satisfy all your needs for a quick, spicy ramyun fix. With generous portions and fantastic service, you can also dial up the authenticity and choose to sit on plushy cushions on the floor! Make sure to ask for their Ginseng Coffee with your meal; you won’t regret it. 

Kimpo, Conrad Dubai, Trade Center Area – With super swanky interiors and fuss-free and straightforward Korean street-food, Kimpo at Conrad Hotel is where Dubai’s vibrant soul meets Seoul’s electrifying spirit. True-blue Korean street food is their only plan, and not trying the Chimaek – chicken and maekju- is a golden opportunity missed. With fresh and natural ingredients, Kimpo serves fantastic food that lets the flavours and aromas of authentic Korean street food shine. East meets West at Kimpo in the form of Korean Bulgogi Sloppy Joes, and Kimpo Pizza served with delectable sides. For a night out with friends, you’ll remember, be sure to visit Kimpo! 

If we’ve set your mouths watering after this list, sorry we’re not sorry. Which of these are your favourites and what do you love to eat here? Let us know if we’ve missed out any gems hidden away and of course, happy eating!   

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