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Hutong’s must try dishes

If you haven’t heard about this upscale Chinese restaurant Hutong, you are missing out a lot. This fine-dining restaurant has branches all around the world including New York, London and Miami and I have been lucky enough to try it in Manhattan and since then I have been raving about this place and its food.

It recently opened a branch in Dubai’s most prominent area DIFC and with a classy interior and appetising menu, I couldn’t wait to try the food. Even though I am a big fan of Asian food, I am not that easily pleased when it comes to any mediocre dish so this is one thing you won’t experience at Hutong, I can vouch for that.

The menu is pretty extensive with a lot of options, but my favourite five dishes at Hutong has to be:-

Dimsum Platter – There are four types of Dimsum which can be shared between two people. The Dimsum selection keeps changing but nevertheless, it’s always the best choices by the chef.

Ma La Chili Prawns – If you want to get familiar with the Sichuan cuisine try this fiery prawns which are flavoursome and appealing, with a side of their Egg Fried Rice it’s an amazing combination. 

Red Lantern Crispy Soft Shell Crab – One of their signature dishes that you must order is this soft shell crab tossed in dried red peppers. The crab is delightful, appealing and divine.

Mapo Tofu – I haven’t forgotten my vegetarian friends so this tofu dish is for all you guys who would love a bit of spiciness with a side of your noodles or rice. It’s quite a classic dish in Northern China which is my favourite too.

Peking Duck – Be it Chinese New Year or any other occasion I do need a dose of Peking Duck, more than quite often. This place does it fantastically well and the recipe used for this is quite a secret so you should know how proud they are of this delightful dish.

These of course, in my opinion, are the bestselling dishes at Hutong but if you like to try some more dishes do try the Hutong Prawn Roll, Sanchen Spiced Chicken, and the Hutong Dan Dan Noodles. I know many of us cannot resist the thought of having a dessert so you could opt for their famous Sesame and Soy ice cream bao.

Cannot wait to try some more Chinese restaurants in Dubai which can come close to Hutong’s standard of quality.

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