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Parisa – An extravagant Persian restaurant, Sharq Village and Spa

If you are in Doha and looking for a fine dining Persian restaurant which has the art, ambience and the Persian touch to it, Parisa in Sharq Village is the one for you. Facing the Arabian Gulf the beauty of the view doesn’t get better than this. When it comes down to food, a mix of fusion and classical dishes are quite evident.

Watermelon and Feta Salad cleverly stacked in a cubical not only make a nutritional meal but also has a wondrous texture. If you fancy cheese, try the Nono Pastry stuffed with a generous amount of oozing cheese, it makes for a light appetiser. Want to try something satisfying yet filling? The Persian noodle soup with red kidney bean is the answer, a hearty dish with a burst of flavours.

Dishes cooked in clay pot have an earthy essence to it, and one such dish was the Khoresht-E-Fesenjan (Chicken In Walnut Sauce). Delicate pieces of chicken gently stirred in a rich, intense sauce which accompanied with pomegranate rice pairs excellently well. Their meat platter would be recommended for people who love to try some Kebabs, be it lamb, beef or chicken. The selection is delightful with tender pieces of meat, and all accompanied with some classic version of Persian rice.

Falude-Ye Shirazi and Zaferan Creme Brûlée for dessert were a sweet way of ending my afternoon here at, Parisa. The talented team of Chef depicts a nice combination of modern and traditional dishes which are not only appealing but also pleasurable to have.

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