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Best Greek Restaurants in Dubai

I love trying new recipes at home and recently find myself cooking a lot more seafood and dips inspired by Greek cuisine. Most of the dishes are not too complicated to master and have rich flavours which might tempt you to indulge in these dishes more so often. 

Initially tried a couple of restaurants in Dubai which have aced their menu and have found a good clientele who love coming back for the food, the Mediterranean atmosphere and lastly to feel a bit of Greece in Dubai. If unlike me you don’t fancy cooking there are plenty of restaurants here serving some delicious Greek food. Some of my favourite places to head for succulent Moussaka, or luscious Tzatziki are as follows:- 

Ammos – This restaurant in Rixos Premium in JBR transports you to little quaint towns of Greece and with the flavourful portions of dishes it makes your stomach happy too. I have been here more then a couple of times and cannot stop myself from raving about one dish in particular which is Portokalopita (Orange Cake), how I wished my dessert at home tasted as good as the one here, nevertheless, it still gives me reasons to head back to the lovely Ammos.

Avli By Tashas – Chef Natasha has left no stones unturned to turn this DIFC restaurant into a masterpiece. From the interiors to the dishes each thing is meticulously done and the end result, a happy customer who keeps raving about the food and keeps coming back to entertain more friends and family. They have a massive place including an outdoor area which would be perfect to use in the winter. A must-try here is the Baklava Sundae and the divine Lobster Pasta, you won’t regret it a bit.

Taverna Greek – I don’t know if I should consider this a hidden gem or maybe I just wasn’t aware of this restaurant in Madinat Jumeirah. Regardless, I feel absolutely terrible for discovering this precious place after such a long time, the laid back ambience and the fresh fish grills, and the heavenly prawns make me miss the food as I write. The servers are super friendly and you get the Greek feel from the decor too. I usually have family over who love visiting Madinat Jumeirah and this is the perfect place to head after a long touristy day.

Opa – This place lives up to its name ‘Opa’ a greek expression to dance, and also used while smashing plates in happiness. Quite literally you do get to break some plates too and what better way to enjoy the Greek hospitality then a little bit of dancing, singing and letting loose. I love most of their dishes but one which is my absolute favourite is the Lobster Orzo and the heavenly Opa Bakalava, don’t be surprised if you see it on most of the tables. Can’t wait to try their Brunch, which I have heard is incredible too!

Mythos – Nestled in JLT for a good few years especially since opening and closing of restaurants is so prominent here in Dubai, this goes to tell that Mythos has surely lived up to the expectations of many. For a casual meal with no frills attached, Mythos is one place to consider for a simple yet delicious meal. It’s very close to my house so I dine here more so often and guilty as charged but have also organised some work meetings here so that I could savour on their appealing food.

With these Greek restaurant recommendations, you should get busy and dine in most of these places as you won’t be disappointed, my friend, let me know your favourites too?

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