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Mazaher – Taste of Lebanon, Trade Centre

Trade centre being the hub of business and at the same time a buzzing area with a lot of new and unique restaurants. No matter which nationality you are or which kind of food you like, you might definitely find something of your liking. This weekend I was trying out Mazaher a Lebanese joint which promises to give you a true taste of Lebanon.image

Mazaher is a pleasing restaurant with live entertainment and music which provided us a fun start to the weekend. It seemed this place is adored by the locals since even though it occupies a good space it still was packed which is a sign of a fine restaurant.image

Without wasting much time me and my partner went ahead and ordered a few appetizers like Moutabal, Muhamara and Chicken Wings. Moutabal had a smooth texture which made a decent starter along with the tendersome chicken wings coated with a mouthwatering sauce. Muhamara on the other hand looked pretty but it lacked moisture which made it a bit to dry for my liking.image

The chef here has geniused the art of presentation which is rare in a Lebanese restaurant where food is served looking pretty basic. Our mains comprised of Sheesh Tawook and Lamb Chops. Chicken being cooked too perfection was my favorite considering it had a subtle amount of spices too which makes it just right. Lamb chops had a nice smoked flavour but at the same time was a little to stiff to chew.image

Do not miss the desserts out here especially the Bouza W Ghazle, this sweet dish is topped with cotton candy and each bite gives out a rose and a lovely pistachio texture which gently makes you love this dish. Date pudding served with Vanilla icecream is delightful too but not as much as the Bouza W Ghazle. Would suggest you visit this restaurant with your friends or family since more the merrier.image

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