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Tresind, Nassima Royal Hotel – Trade Centre

How could I refuse a invite to a restaurant which has been very close to my heart and after bagging the Zomato’s highest rated restaurant award and bewildering it’s customers with gastronomic dishes it is no way I could skip it’s new summer menu launch.image

With a lot of anticipation and eagerness I was looking forward to my lunch here and I am glad I skipped my breakfast since after this meal you will be full until the next day. From bubbling drinks to deconstructed Pani puri and smoking chats every dish has it’s own appeal and charm which seems to be appreciated by all.image

Chicken Salad served in a stong smoked flavoured bowl makes you wonder why aren’t the usual salad’s made this way. And the Chicken Cafreal served in a molcajete has a crisp layering with a soft appetizing flavour. Seabass (Seabass Recheado) topped with a Goan sauce and a garnish cooked right beside your table is a experience you wouldn’t get in many Indian restaurants, that’s what Tresind is know for.image

Pan seared tenderloin steak (Full Blooded Blackmore Wagyu) served with pickles and zucchini salad is another odd combination which is hard to understand until you try this dish, lovely. Take a break before you move to the main course or should I mention a pallette cleanser would work the magic there. Nimbu Pani Sorbet was loved by my partner but for me it was slightly too strong.image

For my main course we were served Tawa Chicken and Fish Curry with a basket of warm Indian breads for the accompaniments. Chicken curry cooked in a north indian style was delicious and the Fish Curry had a mild texture which would go perfect with steamed rice too.image

Most awaited desserts finally made a entrance and are finished in no time, Be it the Daulat Ki Chaat or the Shredded Bakalava with smooth Pistachio Icecream. Lastly to give this meal a bit of a fusion touch a Pan flavoured Candy Floss is presented which makes me feeling like a kid again as I quickly grasp onto my share.image

My second visit at Tresind too was as exciting as the first one and I loved the food and the experience for which Tresind is known for. Well done, Chef Himanshu for creating a menu which not only showcases your talent but also the enormous amount of hardwork spent on each dish to make it special.

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