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Huawei – Honor 5x (Good Food Mode)

Being a Food photographer is a fun job but wait until the day you forget to take along with you that big bulky camera. Well, one such incident happened with me recently and that is when I used my Huawei (Honor 5x) to take some food shots. I was really anxious at first since I have always been told that a attractive picture can only be taken by a DSLR but not anymore.image

Honor 5x is a game changer with it’s Good Food mode you get the smooth and the right balance of tones for your social media pictures. Without worrying much I can edit the pictures, add my watermark and use appealing food filters which makes my articles even more exciting to read. After these little discoveries I tried experimenting and tried using different angles, zoom in features and most importantly the Good Food mode which makes my life so much more easier.image

Now without getting too agitated I can easily walk to any event with my attractive phone and take all the excellent pictures without the weight of any DSLR. Huawei thanks for making my life hassle free atleast when it comes to pictures now I don’t have to give a second thought because all I need is my fabulous phone.

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