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Detox Delight, Dubai

Recently I have started taking my Gym sessions seriously and burning off those extra kilos. So when I got a opportunity to try the Detox Delight I grapped the chance and wanted to boost myself even more with this 3 day detox session. I haven’t tried any kind of detox earlier but have heard a lot of positive results. Excited about my detox I prepared myself a day before and didn’t eat much just to get the slight feel of it. I received my goodie box a night earlier and looking at it I just couldn’t wait to start it.


Day 1 :-
The day finally arrived and I was already mentally prepared so all excited I started with my first meal which was a Mango Parfait with Gronola, tasted amazing and I wish I had this everyday. After this meal I was pretty full and didn’t feel hungry but just to keep myself hydrated I kept drinking the refreshing Juices in between all my meals. For lunch it was a delicious salad with pinenuts, cherry tomatoes and a few more of healthy greens. And the dressing just made it more desirable. Till now I didn’t feel the stress of a detox but instead felt happy about doing this. Ofcourse I did feel like having the usual greesy stuff but stopping this unhealthy cravings was the reason I did it. By now I had consumed my two juices which tasted fab. And finally it was time for the last meal of the day which was Chickpea and cucumber salad, I didn’t eat much but coming to the taste it was simply perfect.


Day 2 :-
By now I was used to the fact that it isn’t that difficult and we all should do it often to feel rejuvenated and fresh from within. Next mornings breakfast was more fun and incredible in taste, it was Strawberry Yougurt with Gronola. Who would say no to such a incredible detox ? I quickly finished my meal and sipped my juice. I made sure I kept myself busy with work so that I don’t get the unnecessary cravings. It was lunch time now and I had a very crunchy and nutritious salad. After a long wait for dinner I finally got to eat dal, which reminded me of my moms food. It was yummy.


Day 3 :-
Finally it was my last day of detox, I was happy as well as sad since I wouldn’t get to eat the deliciously healthy food everyday and happy with the change in myself. This morning I started with the scrumptious yougurt parfait and for lunch a enjoyable noodle salad followed by a few juices. My dinner wasn’t too heavy but it had a intresting mix of salad to chew on.


This detox made me felt more confident about myself especially because of the clean and motivatinal results. I didn’t feel that I was on a detox considering all the special dishes I had. If you too are tired of dieting and eating clean all the time try this routine for a few days to see some magnificent results.

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