Mall Of Emirates – Media Preview

If anyone of you are familiar with the Dubai shopping scene you must have came across the news about the massive expansion of Mall Of The Emirates. I had heard a lot about its new shopping area and a huge Vox cinema with a lot of new and cool featues. One fine morning I received the media invite for the opening of this new section. This invite is something which I willI be preserving for a long time. It came in an attractive box and the box had a video invite, it did blew my mind, Amazing!


All the invites had a valet parking and I must mention the guest were treated absolutely well and pampered to the fullest. On entering this new section we were given a media pass and a pretty little Bottega Veneta bracelets. From here on it was exploring each shop and most of the shops had a surprise goodie bag to treat us.


For food they had all kinds of sweets and savorys to savour on. And finally we were given the tour of the most anticipated Vox cinema which boasts of having 24 screens, a Gary Rhodes restaurants, 4DX, Imax 4D and a kids cinema. I was completely impressed by this place it has so much to offer and a whole lot of new restaurants as well. Apart from the 41 new shops it also has opened new parking spaces so finally no more long waiting hours.


Lastly before we left the venue we were handed with a goodie bag which had some interesting gifts and vouchers. Guy’s if you haven’t yet been to this new ‘evolution’ of the mall you should head there this weekend and of course don’t forget to catch a movie and experience your movie at a whole new different level.



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