Dubai World Cup 2016 – Meydan

One of the richest horse races in the history of UAE with a prize money worth 10 million dollars and over tons of other prizes to be won including a car and some cash. This World Cup taking place in Meydan, has attracted a lot attention in the past few days from big newspapers to many influential magazines leaving people talking about it.image

I was overwhelmed when I got invited by the Meydan group and proud sponsors Emirates Airlines to be a part of this experience and watch this sporting event in none other then their First Class Suite Lounge which had unlimited food and drinks. With the best view I also had excess to the Paddlocks where I witnessed the horses up close and personal.image

After Nine anticipated races California Chrome was the winner of the whooping prize money I am sure Victor Espinoza (jockey) is a happy guy. The celebration just didn’t end their, there was spectacular fireworks which lit up the sky to after race concert in which Janet Jackson performed and her act which made the crowd go wild and stole the heart of many.image

This World Cup 2016 ended with a bang and the numerous people who have planned way in advance for their creative style and astonishing hats also got rewarded for showcasing their talents. Hopefully next time I can make some head turn by my little stunning hat until then let’s leave the poor horse to rest since after this night he surely needs a good night rest.image

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