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Lima, a tribute to Peruvian cuisine

Lima is the new Peruvian restaurant in Dubai, and even though in the recent few months we have seen many restaurants flourishing with Peruvian cuisine, the opening of this restaurant was highly anticipated. Chef Virgilio Martinez of Lima has already won a Michelin Star for his brilliant contribution in the gastronomical world, and having this fine gem in Dubai is a phenomenal start.

Starting our meal with the classic Chicha Morada drink which is made from Purple corn, it was refreshing. Our next few starters were Purple Corn and Tomato, catch of the day (ceviche), sautéed avocado, and Burrata. Every dish was visually appealing, and the unique textures and flavours were well incorporated.

Our mains compromised of Grilled Chicken Breast and nutritious Quinoa Salad. Both of the dishes were rich and enticing, every ingredient plays a major role in elevating the dishes, and the chefs use it to the utmost advantage, well done.

Lucama mousse is sweet retreat to the palette and goes incredible with a cup of espresso. Lima’s menu depicts exotic dishes which are filled with a carnival of colours, and the effort of the chefs are portrayed brilliantly.

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