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Top 10 Christmas Holiday Destinations

Christmas is the magical time of the year. The streets are covered with snow with the sparkling of lights and the wonderful Christmas trees. People are highly enthusiastic and celebrate this festival with vigour and energy all around the world. If you’re looking to make the celebrations all the more exciting, we have rounded up 10 best places you should definitely visit this Christmas.

1. Barcelona, Spain:
Barcelona certainly has many attractions during Christmas like winter fairs, markets, concerts, electrifying sites and so much more. You can do some amazing winter shopping and it is a treasure for all the chocolate lovers. The streets are decorated with Christmas lights across a stretch of about a 100 km which looks like a sight much beyond beautiful.

2. Reykjavik, Iceland:
This snow enveloped mountain is a spectacular heaven in itself. The chilly environment makes it all the more Christmas-like destination. The Yule town looks beautiful with beautiful stalls and traditional decorations all across the streets. Dazzling gifts and craft items are sold everywhere in the market which are unique in their own way. Just imagine what a splendid view it would offer in Christmas!

3. Paris, France:
The city of lights is probably one of the happening places to visit for Christmas. During this time, the enthusiasm is amplified with striking holiday lights and gorgeous displays. You can enjoy at various ice rinks and Disneyland which is one of the most eye-catching sites to view during the festive season.This place is famous for its special Christmas meal for a belly-busting dinner.

4. Lapland, Finland:
This place is truly a haven on the earth to celebrate the festive period. Located just at the north of Arctic Circle, This paradise is sheathed with pine trees and heavy snow. Children enjoy with full fun and frolic by making cookies and learn calligraphy with Mrs Claus whereas the Santa continues to entertain the people. People enjoy the sledge reindeer rides and watch the pristine northern rides. You can even visit amusement parks and zoos for more.

5. New York, United States:
It’s probably a fascinating time of the year in New York when it’s Christmas. After wrapping up Halloween preparations, the city starts turning into marvellous and bright wonderland. The city is adorned with glorious Christmas trees, lights and lots more. You can do great shopping in the holiday markets and buy awesome gifts for your friends and family. It is a stunning sight to see the city at this time.

6. London, United Kingdom:
Already started feeling the festivities? Well, London is just the right place for you. With enormous events happening around, this place will leave a magical impact on you. London starts blinking with the beautiful Christmas lights and glittering fireworks. A lot of amazing events take place during this time including fun activities like ice skating and Christmas special shopping. Don’t forget to try the delicious food and beverage here.

7. Zurich, Switzerland:
Zurich is gifted with spectacular sights like mountains, snow, cobbled streets and it gets better and more appealing during Christmas time. Zurich has special markets and you can stroll around the themed streets. You can find choir people singing sweets songs in the city and a wondrous singing Christmas tree on Wed Muhlen Platz. You can find the city covered with beautiful sparkling lights which looks majestic.

8. Tokyo, Japan:
It is a beautiful sight to see Tokyo fight Christmas. New Year is celebrated in more gusto than that of the Christmas, but it is nothing that you should miss. The city is adorned with beautiful lights, decorations and Christmas trees. Even non-Christians love to enjoy this festival with enthusiasm. People indulge in yummy Japanese treats like fried chicken, sponge cakes and tons more.

9. Vienna, Austria:
The imperial, antique and royal architecture and the gluhwein feel give this place an old-fashioned Christmas taste. This place looks phenomenally beautiful when it is laden with snow and beautiful twinkling decorations. The speciality of this place includes mulled wine and delicious finger foods. The boys of the choir sing lovely songs and entertain the people during the festival time.

10. Bruges, Belgium:
New life breathes into Bruges at the time of Christmas, though there is no doubt that it is stunning throughout the year. Visitors start visiting this place around Thanksgiving but the charm persists till the New years’. The Christmas parade and the Ice Scripture festival is one of the major interests of this place. Relish your Christmas in this abode sipping a hot chocolate.

Have the time of your life at these amazing Christmas destinations. Eat some good food, explore some great places, meet awesome people and don’t forget to look gorgeous in your best holiday outfits.


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