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Why head any other Sushi place – Mori Sushi, Downtown Dubai

Would you be surprised if I said this restaurant has restricted it’s boundaries by having only Sushi as it’s main highlight dish? Yes, you heard it right, if you don’t enjoy Sushi this place probably wouldn’t be of your interest but if you do it is heaven. Mori Sushi after successful years in Egypt and Brazil finally decided to come to the land of food fanatics and in the popular touristy spot of Dubai’s Downtown, ready to welcome.

I bet there are tons of restaurants in Dubai claiming to have mastered the art of perfecting the best Sushi but with Mori Sushi in question why would you want to try any other place?

Sipping on my Miso soup, being slightly salty for my liking I move ahead and order a few heavy appetizers. Look out for the Salmon Panko and Bonbon its a must, wholesome and comforting I enjoyed each bite of these two crunchy fried starters. Shrimp Tempura with Chili Mayonnaise did tickle my tastebuds but at the same time, it could be a little meatier. Upon finally narrowing on our Sushi main course to just a few interesting ones I convinced myself that this place needs at least a few decent visits to try each and every eye appealing Sushi dish here.

Tempura Rolls

  • As the Hot Tempura Rolls approached our table, I quickly grasped on one, drizzled with a tangy sauce and the crunchy coating make this roll a memorable one.


  • Kani (Crabsticks), Simple yet flavoursome, you can taste the juicy meat which Nigiri is all about.
  • Crispy Salmon Cheddar, who doesn’t like a crisp, cheesy bites? This Salmon and Cheddar mixture will fill you up quickly, and you might end up ordering another portion.
  • Fried Crispy Rice, perfectly cooked this would be an alternate option for the usual sushi goers.
  • Scallop with Caviar, this particularly wasn’t the best since the meat was chewy and it didn’t seem too pleasant for my liking.


  • Crispy Tuna, wrapped around an avocado this one here was all the goodness I would expect from my sushi, Filling was deliciously divine.
  • Hot Sesame Salmon, Slightly chili but that’s the flavour you might get addicted too, scrumptious.


  • Togashi roll, looking for something classic but yet want something unique? This one here will make any sushi lover happy.
  • Ura California, unusual textures with a wholesome filling of crab, avocado, and shrimp paste made this standout from the rest and surely made it onto my list of favorites.


  • Salmon Caviar, traditional yet not denying that I would like to go for it every time I come here.

Lastly, no meal is finished without indulging in some dessert. So take my opinion and without a doubt go for the Cheesecake and Chocolate Fondant which will give you another reason to remember  ‘Mori Sushi’ as your sweet escape.

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