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Best Desserts in Paris

Paris is no doubt the city of romance, history, fashion and interestingly even for food. A few months ago I was invited by the Creme board of France to try some of their irresistible desserts using the smoothest and freshest creme. At first, I hesitated to accept the invite as I am conscious of what I eat since I gain weight just by looking at it, jokes aside but this was an opportunity not to be missed. As a cook myself, I use creme quite a bit in my food whether it’s to make my chicken curry more delightful or my ‘dal’ even more heavenly, but when it comes to making desserts I leave that to the best chefs but on this enlightening trip, I got to learn about creme but also how to use it at its full potential. 

We ate to our heart’s content, visited some interesting farms, tried afternoon tea and of course had the best desserts. Going on these trips is an eye-opener as you travel with a few locals who are experts in their field. On my this Paris trip we went on a desert tour with Aurore Jean as she knows the best places to try some decadent desserts.

The places I would recommend for you to try are:-

Angelina – It’s a no brainer that Angelina had to be on the list, I am a die-hard fan of their hot chocolate but this time I was here to try the popular Mont Blanc, it was light and the chestnut creme was so addictive. A must try! 

Mori Yoshida – You wouldn’t expect a Japanese chefs dessert place to be famous in Paris, but this chef has some beautiful creations and each and every dessert here has a unique texture. Two things which you need to savour upon are Tarte Yuzu Meringue and the Mont Blanc, you won’t be disappointed.

Thierry Marx Bakery – Oh, how I wish I could go back in time and relish each bite of the Tiger puff brioche. This brioche is unlike any other desserts I have had and I am so glad Aurore took us here.

Printemps – You might be wondering how this touristy department store would be selling good desserts, but the answer is they actually do some exceptional sweets. We tried a couple of their creations and wasn’t let down. My favourites here were Cheesecake Orange and Mon Koeur

Des Gateaux et du Pain – The highlight of my trip was the Lemon Tart I had from here. It was smooth, airy and full of flavours, I bet you wouldn’t find a better one than this!

Pierre Herme – It would be a shame not to mention this widely popular cafe, the chef was even on the list of World’s 50 Best Pastry Chef in 2016. I was here to try their remarkable macarons and even though I wish I could try all the infinite macarons I was still happy with my choice of Rose, Chocolate and Creme Brûlée.

Ritz – Surprised to find this acclaimed chain of a hotel on the list? When it comes to Ritz they don’t fail you with their various desserts. I had the chance of experiencing the afternoon tea here and apart from the sandwiches and scones I was well surprised with their excellent choices of desserts. An experience I highly recommend.

Philippe Conticini – I was lucky enough to meet this outstanding chef who is passionate about cooking and when he serves you dessert it’s another cherry on top. My favourite of his creation was the Pineapple Tart, how I wish I knew how to make it. Make sure to visit one of his dessert parlours to try more unique treats.

Even though this list could go on, these are my favourite and finest places to make your Paris trip even sweeter. Eat till your heart desire and you won’t regret this trip to France. If you find more places to eat, do let me know!

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