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San Francisco’s Top Tourist Attractions

Even though San Francisco might be the smallest country in the state of California, it is still one of the most touristy cities to visit. Known for its pleasant summers, fog, culture and architecture no visit to California would be complete without ticking San Francisco from the bucket list. Tourism being cities largest private sector industry, you can imagine the iconic landmarks and attractions this little gem of a city consists off. Few of the most ironically incredible places to see without which no visit to San Francisco would be complete would be: –

Golden Gate Bridge: – You must have seen this marvellous structure in a lot of movies, serials or at least heard about it being the highlight of San Francisco. A walk over this bridge is an absolute must or more importantly a selfie to justify your visit to the City of Fog. If you intend to take a cruise from the Fisherman’s Wharf, you could catch a good view of the bridge as most of the cruises pass under the famous bridge.


Twin Peaks: – Unobtrusive view of the city is what Twin Peaks provide and if the weather is good this is the best viewing point. As the evening descends the skyline becomes more glittery giving you the best visual of this beautiful city. Make sure to wear your sneakers since its a bit of a steep walk. Most of the tourist’s buses or tour guides do not head here since it’s out of theirs zone but being in San Francisco this shouldn’t be missed.

Fisherman’s Wharf: – Take a stroll down the busy Fisherman’s Wharf or if you get too tired stop by here for some drinks or even better, food. I would suggest trying the great chocolates from Ghiradelli Square, an ideal way to complete your journey to this fun-loving place of San Francisco. Being the most visited and preferred areas of the city, you could easily spend half a day around here.


Alcatraz: – This prison offers history and stories of the most notorious convicts who once stayed here. From seeing the cell rooms to the kitchen or the library, this is as real as it could get. Make sure to book your tour way before your trip since the attraction tickets is mostly sold out. So experience the history, beauty, and infamy of Alcatraz on the San Francisco Bay also known as the world’s most legendary prisons.

Union Square:- In my opinion- A hub for food, shopping and entertainment would be Union Square. Either you want to sip on coffee or have a hearty meal Union Square has tons of options. Virtually every fashion label in the world has set up shop in and around the Square, so do you need any more reasons to head to Union Square, In my opinion, you are in the lap of luxury, left my heart in Union Square.

Lombard Street: – Known as America’s most crooked street, Lombard Street has sharp curves to switchback down the one-way downhill street. The curvy nature of the one-way drive along with the steep slope of these blocks makes for a fun ride that’s also a visual treat. In total, you’ll count eight tight turns in the one block portion of the street here. People are often puzzled as to why this street is so crooked. The answer is safety. The naturally steep grade of the road posed a severe safety hazard. In the 1920’s a property owner in the area suggested the scenic switchbacks to add aesthetic appeal while increasing safety for pedestrians.

Painted Ladies:- The largest and oldest house of San Francisco’s seven Painted Ladies is situated in Alamo Square’s where you can find the beautiful coloured Victorian Houses and in the background the tall skyscrapers of Downtown San Francisco. Take your time to admire these homes in addition to taking a picture or two. For many people, the best shot os when the sun is setting which casts a wonderful golden glow over these picturesque houses. You can even schedule a tour inside one of the houses but make sure to book in advance.

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