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Attraction’s in Moscow, Russia

Moscow being the capital city of Russia has a bit of everything, be it history, culture or picturesque alleys. Apart from being the largest city on the European continent it has attracted tourist a lot of tourists over the last few years. Being rich in history, culture, museums, and an energetic nightlife, Moscow does make for a city worth visiting at least once in this lifetime. Some of the highlights of my Moscow trip would be these contemporary and must see places without which Moscow wouldn’t be what it is today.


St Basil Cathedral – Situated in the heart of Moscow, this cathedral without a doubt is the most visited place in the city. Apparently, Ivan The Terrible had passed orders to make the architects of this cathedral blind so that it could never be replicated. It has nine chapels, and each one is dedicated for a particular purpose. Today it is one of the UNESCO world heritage which makes it even more significant.


Moscow Kremlin – Fortified complex in Red Square, it includes five Palaces, four cathedrals, and the Grand Palace which is also the official residence of the President. In the good old days, this used to be the religious center of the Russian Orthodox Church and even the residence of the Tsars. There is much to see in this area, where so many events in Russia’s long history have played out and the best way to see this place would be by foot or a guided tour.


GUM Mall – A pretty expensive place to shop but located in the iconic Red Square this place is worth a go. Build in 1893, which is way before the communist; this place to has it’s own share of history. As you leave this mall, you can see Lenin’s mausoleum right in front of you. The modern layout of this mall is entirely different from the old architecture, but it still stands as a gem. Being a popular place for tourists you will find this place pretty packed at times.


Bolshoi Theatre – A historic theater which holds operas and ballet and let me inform you, back in the day’s opera’s and ballet were considered nobler than drama. Even though this place has been renovated several times it still stands as a landmark of Moscow. For true lovers of opera and ballet, it is worth booking your ticket and going for one of the shows this place is known for, after all, it is considered to be the best.


Gorky Park – This park is called the central park of Moscow, opened in 1928. It one of the beloved parks, and during the summer times it is a usual sight to see families enjoying a peaceful picnic session here in ‘Gorky Park.’ It is more appealing to the locals than for the tourists, but it’s the place to come if you want to find out how the majority of Muscovites spend their free time. The interesting bit is the park stretches across the banks of the Moscow river, and it is divided into two parts. So go ahead and spend your time strolling along the historic alleys of ‘Gorky Park.’


Red Square – It is difficult to even to think of Moscow’s existence without this famous and popular square. A truly fascinating place which is the home to many iconic buildings, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say it is the heart and soul of Moscow. This place is rich in symbols of Russia’s turbulent and intriguing past. Surrounded by architectural marvels, it is an imposing sight.


The Metro – Having its appealing charm, the metro stations here are an incredible work of art. More than a station they replicate the look of a museum, every station has its fascinating story, and they do set an unforgettable impression of the city. There are quite a few tours which showcase the different metro’s and knowing the fantastic stories some of the places share, would be pretty intriguing.


Peter the Great Statue – Peter the Great established the Russian Navy and to honor him the whole structure is erected in the center of Russia’s capital. Apparently, this statue is said to be one of the ugliest as well, according to several websites. Being the 8th tallest structure taking a picture around this enormous giant wouldn’t be a bad idea after all it is ‘Peter The Great.’


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