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Five Best Attractions in Granada, Spain

Perched on the mountains of Sierra Nevada mountains of Andalusia, Granada has earned all its glory and fame due to its dramatic history and of course the Alhambra. For me this was a day trip from Seville but I wish I had spent more time here. Blessed with Moorish architecture, history and culture this is a town not to be missed. 

Even if you are not into the Moorish history dating back to 700 years there is still plenty of things to do and enjoy in Granada. Below listed are some of the attractions and places you should visit here:-

Alhambra – Flooded with tourists but for all the right reasons, this gem of a palace is one of the most majestic places to witness in Spain. You would be better of with a guided tour as these guides share the fascinating facts and stories about this enchanting place. At times the security even checks your passport so keep your documents ready at all times. The magical palace, courtyards, generalife and the breathtaking view are a part of the outstanding Moorish history, Alhambra puts for us.

Palace of Charles V – This Renaissance building was built to accommodate all the comforts and needs of the Emperor which was not fulfilled by Alcazar at that time. During his honeymoon he visited Granada and awestruck by the beauty of Alhambra he decided to build his palace next to it, so that he could appreciate the scenic wonders of Alhambra. The construction of this palace was obstructed quite a few times due to lack of finance, revolts and abandonment which even let to the collapse of one of its roofs but eventually it got completed in 1957.

Albayzin – Wander across the streets for food, shopping or for the incredible views of the Alhambra. This cobbled-stone neighbourhood is impressive and part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is dominated by Arab culture due to the Muslim influence in this region, surely worth checking out.

Monastery de San Jeromimo – Known for its Renaissance and Gothic style architecture this Roman Catholic Church is absolutely phenomenal. Marvel over the garden, and the exquisite interiors as there is enormous effort gone behind the structures and ceiling. Having been restored you can look forward to an esteemed condition of this monastery.

Granada Cathedral – One of the first Renaissance churches to be built in Spain and it took over 180 years to build this incredible building which till date has some renovation work going on. This cathedral has been built on the former land of a mosque due to the previous dominance of Islam in this region. Situated in the heart of the city it’s hard to miss such an incredible work of art. You can also pay a visit to the connecting Royal Chapel.

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