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Boca – Feel Festive, with the New Mediterranean Dishes

It’s fair to assume that most of the restaurants in DIFC are pretty pricey and when a food lover like me would be spending a few thousand on food and drinks, I would want the best when it comes to food. If you are bored with the usual Italian, Peruvian or Japanese places around, Boca would be the place to be. Having a Mediterranean menu this place would give you variety and a mix of flavors to tantalize your taste buds. The chefs are quite creative when it comes to playing with different ingredients, which seem to be appealing.

It isn’t my first time to Boca, so I am assured that this place wouldn’t be disappointing when it comes to food. Their new winter menu is close to exceptional, and most importantly it is executed well.

Food Rundown:-

Crab and Avocado Salad – If you a fan of Crab you would love this dish as the strong, sharp texture of the seafood is pretty evident.
Grilled Tiger Prawns – Sautéed in a slight chili mixture this dish would be highly recommended.
Burrata and Truffle Pizza – A topping of creamy Burrata accompanied with shaved truffles, makes an interesting combination and it does feel satisfying after having each bite.
Mushroom and Truffle Gnocchi – Looks like Truffle is quite a favorite ingredient here and why shouldn’t it be after all it is savored by many. This dish makes for an incredible main.
Boca Meatballs – Simmered in a rich tomato broth and the meatballs being deliciously juicy, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to finish it all by myself.
Poached Egg Chorizo – Make sure this is on your table, it is a perfect dish to make your day.

And lastly we come down to Desserts, if ‘Profiteroles‘ are on the menu, it will make up for the ultimate festive ending. With the moist, and creamy lush filling it is quite difficult, to resist these little pastry balls but just in case these are a bit too heavy for you try the ‘Lemon Tart,’ a simple yet a favorite dessert of mine. I have tried quite a few times to replicate this recipe at home, but to no avail, can it ever come close to this one at Boca.

Boca shall be recommended for everyone who wants a mix of various cuisines but yet wants to savor some good flavor along with quality dishes.

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