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This year Dubai Food Festival was full of surprises and one such thing which took me to amazement was the one of a kind tasting at the Chef’s Table pop up on Sheikh Zayed Road. Yes, as I passed by down this route I saw these unbelievably big containers and the best part about them was you can dine in their overlooking the iconic Sheikh Zayed Road.image

So on the very last day of this pop up I with another 7 media personalities were given the opportunity to have a VIP dinner here. How excited I was the entire week and eagerly awaited this evening, many of my friends envied me and wish they joined me as a plus one too. For our special evening Oberoi Hotels restaurant Ananta which recently won the Black Hat award from What’s On Dubai was going to cater us. And their very talented chef Dirham Haque was preparing for us some royal Indian cuisines which was rich in texture and smelled aromatic.image

I have to mention the set up of this tiny little container was absolutely brilliant and classy. The team behind this concept has put in a lot of effort which is visible in every single detail of this room. We finally began our foodiac journey with the chef presenting his Dahi Rasgulla which oozed out juicylicious flavours and the accompanying yogurt complimented it so well.image

Proceeding towards our starters we were served up a colorful plate of meat which had some ravishing meats like Gallaouti Kebab, Murg Chandi Tikka and Shahi Jingha. The Gallaouti Kebab was the most succulent and tendersome meat I have had which was palatable with the mint dip. Even the Chandi Tikka and Shahi Jingha are satisfyingly filling enough. Next we see the servers bringing forward a royal ‘thal’ with delicious looking curries for our main course. And if only I knew this food would have be so exceptionally good I would have considered being hungry for a day. Certainly Ananta’s each and every dish had a regal touch to it and not to forget their Lamb Biryani which was iconic and is not to be missed at any cost, it is excellent.image

Finally we ended our dinner with a wonderful dessert sampler which not only were good for the pallette but also felt absolutely necessary to end this night on a great note and a lifetime of memories. I am extremely grateful to Dubai Tourism, Dubai Food Festival and Oberoi Group for treating us like royalties and considering us to be a part of their little initiative to spread lots of love and joy over good food which Dubai has to offer.image

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