Breakfast with Google

Google is a life saver, we all know that but how many of you have actually experienced it? I recently was invited by Google to have a fun breakfast morning with their team and a few fellow bloggers, now we do get a lot of event invites but not all of them are as enjoyable, interactive and entertaining as this one.

Well we do know how amazing the Google offices and their kitchen/pantry area are and today I not only got to see their work space but also got to cook in their fabulous kitchen. The main objective being using a few Google Apps which could make a life more easier and hasslefree. So here we were split into a few groups and each group had to make 3 delicious recipes and for our help we had none other then Google itself and with a countdown of 30min the task started.

  • The ingredients list being in German was our first hurdle but with Google Translate we made this obstacle a piece of cake, we gently hovered our phones across the ingredients list and voila we had everything translated to English.
  • Next step was coming up with a recipe which uses all the ingredients given to us and also solved the little questions which without the help of Google App wouldn’t be easy. We spoke to the app and it serched the web and gave us the best solution for our problems, how I wish I knew about this app a bit earlier in my life!
  • As we came to the end of our task we wanted to save up all these beautiful memories in a video which again was made possible by Google Photos which not only saved our  happy moments but also helped us make this memory into a gorgeous video. Lastly Google Calendar without which we would have lost the track of time but this app kept reminding us about our countdown and we made sure we were on time.

Finally our pretty dishes were ready with the help of my two teammates Naomi and Debbie, we were the runner up of Google Cooking Challenge and I am so happy that after this adventurous round we got to savour on some appealing breakfast. Thank You Google for having us and showing us these tiny ways to make our life’s less chaotic and more enjoyable.


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