Trying some French Cheese in New York

A quite Sunday morning I opened my email and came across one of the best invites I have received in a while and it was from the French Cheese Board inviting me for a three day trip to New York. This trip was to try some of the best French cheeses out there along with experiencing a interactive cheese masterclass with Francois the Cheese monger. I was over joyed and couldn’t contain my happiness, in the coming few days I was jotting down some of the best restaurants to try, famous pizza places, dessert parlours and most importantly artisanal cheese shops.

Even before the start of this trip I knew it was going to be one significant media trip as there was food involved and particularly everyone’s favourite ‘CHEESE’. We started our first day in the city by exploring different shops which sell some outstanding French cheese and not only that we even got to try some!. Our first stop was Murray’s which is a speciality cheese shop where we had a private cheese tasting session paired with hot and cold beverages.

This kind of pairing was something new and unique to me, interestingly I loved it. We had six kind of cheeses which was Brillat Savarin, Fromage D’Affinois, Mimolette, Pyrenees Brebis, Fourme D’Ambert and Comte St Antoine. Each of these cheese had a distinctive flavour and was different from the other. I enjoyed the tea and coffee pairing with it which made the entire experience quite unique. 

I would be lying if I say I didn’t have a favourite, my most relished flavour of cheese was Brillat Savarin, it’s smooth and creamy texture made me love it.

In the next few days we tried some of New York’s best restaurants, pizzerias and cafes including the famed Balthazar, Joe’s Pizza New York, and a tons of French Cheese.

This trip made me realise my cooking potential as well, since we had to create a unique recipe using French cheese and a few ingredients. It was quite challenging and fun at the same time. I created a Middle Eastern recipe using Brie, Pistachios, Honey and Lotus Biscuits. Hopefully soon you will get to try the recipe too as it will be published in the upcoming recipe booklet of French Cheese Board.

My trip to New York was surely informative, fun and clearly any foodies ultimate dream trip. If you like to learn more about French Cheese please visit.

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